OK Go Teams With Korg For YouTube Song Contest

OK Go and synth maker Korg recently announced that they are co-hosting a YouTube music competition, in which they invite musicians to “show their playful and tech-savvy side ” in the creation of an original musical composition, using any Korg product.

korg-volca-sample-ok-go-samplerThe contest’s first prize winner will receive a brand new OK Go edition Volca Sample (above) signed by the band as well as an OK Go merchandise package. The limited-edition OK Go Volca Sample, created by engineers at Korg in collaboration with OK Go, is loaded with selected audio samples from the group’s latest album, “Hungry Ghosts.”

Two “runner-up” winners of the contest will also be chosen to receive an OK Go merchandise package.

To enter, contestants must upload an original composition to YouTube using any Korg product before April 18th, 2016. Entries cannot exceed two minutes long and must include one of Korg’s products to qualify. The video must be titled “Korg – New Music Always OKGo contest” followed by a video title of your choice for individual identification. Videos without this title will not qualify.

For full contest details visit the Korg website.

13 thoughts on “OK Go Teams With Korg For YouTube Song Contest

  1. Don’t Korg know that people into synths and culture absolutely hate this horrible smugster band? It’s like Roland deciding to do some publicity crap with some horribly twee thing like Pomplemouses, or whatever the hell these twee internet b(r)ands call themselves. STOP IT AT ONCE – The people who like this music are not the same people who want to throw dollars into your company in exchange for synths. Your marketing team needs to stop high fiving each other and snorting coke and instead do some proper customer research.

    1. Not getting the hate. You don’t like a band, fine, but it’s seriously immature to insult their fans as well. People like what they like for millions of reasons. Who made you sole arbiter of what “people into synths and culture” like? I resent you deciding what I’m allowed to like. You want me to tell you what to like? Speak for yourself next time!

    2. You honestly don’t understad marketing.

      Korg already reaches the people that are into synthesizers. They work with a band to reach a differemt target audience that is likely to buy a Korg product like a Volca. I think their choice of OK GO also has something to do with their popularity in Asia.

  2. Video and audio must depict a musical performance comprised of sounds exclusively from
    any Korg
    volca product (volca beats, volca keys, volca bass, volca sample,volca fm)
    or any other KORG products inanycombination or singular use.
    •Use of multi-track recording devices, such as audio recording programs (DAWs), products with
    audio looping
    capabilities, and external sequencers may also be employed solely for their

    tracking capabilities only. Use of internal sounds from anything other
    than the specified Products will void the entry.

    so can we use effects? or do I have to run it volcas through the E2 for effects?

  3. OK NO.!
    Lately, I have been using my E2S, Volca Bass, JP-08, and Ultranova for tracks, so I have the required material. But, I wouldn’t even want this ugly (to me) thing for free.
    Honestly, I don’t think it’s even worth my time.

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