Future Retro FR-512 Touchplate Keyboard Now In Production


Future Retro has announced that their FR-512 Touchplate Keyboard is now in production.

The Future Retro FR-512 Touchplate Keyboard is a combination MIDI & CV controller, so it should be capable of working with just about any synth.

Here’s a sneak preview of the production process:

“Production has officially started on the 512 keyboard. Here you can see the SMT parts being placed on the 512’s jack board,” they note.

Official details, pricing and availability are to be announced.

10 thoughts on “Future Retro FR-512 Touchplate Keyboard Now In Production

  1. Video is a little on the useless side. I’m stoked to see this come out though. Will be nice to see a standalone touch plate keyboard other than the Buchla model. Love Buchla too… The more the merrier I suppose. 😛

    1. 98 analog ‘warmth’ wasn’t the best? The mythical ‘good old days’ without mini keys and digital crap? Embrace 98, mate.

    2. It might well be; Could also be windows CE. CNC tools like that are generally pretty expensive, and don’t get replaced very often. Since they were designed when stuff like 98 was the standard, they usually run off a paralell port, which you don’t tend to find on modern machines, and you often can’t find drivers for newer OSes, hence why they’re often still running off 98.

      1. Could also be Windows NT 4.0, which was the base for the actual Windows since 2000/XP.
        Muuuuch more stable than 98 !

  2. Looks awesome just as all other FR-gear. Would be nice to get to know some features. The manual is up on the FR-website but its a bit much to read through.

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