NI Debuts Native Sessions ‘Sonic Hooks’ Interview Series

Native_Instruments_Sonic_Hooks_Kimbra_BrenmarNative Instruments recently held their Native Sessions event series in cities around the world, programs which focus on how creators can craft their own “signature sound.”

Those interviews, lectures and panels were all recorded, and today NI released the programs as “Sonic Hooks” videos.

NI’s event organizers explain the idea behind the “Sonic Hooks” theme:

“The success of a track often rests on its hookline – and its trademark sound. Across the globe, our Sonic Hooks series explored the tools and techniques for creating sonically unique hooks with MASCHINE and KOMPLETE, and heard from a roster of guest speakers like Fatima al-Qadiri, Kimbra, Lotic, WIFE, and more.”

The Sonic Hooks series kicks off in Berlin with a “curated history” of sonic hooks in electronic music and modern songwriting, presented by music journalist Philip Shelburne (Pitchfork, prev. Resident Advisor, Wire, Spin):

The Sonic Hooks series includes a roundtable discussion with Fatima Al Qadiri of Hyperdub, and Tri Angle Records’ Lotic and WIFE (pictured, below) where they discuss how sound and sonic hooks are a formative element of artistic identity.


One video with producer Kabuki deconstructs a track to show the creation of a hook.

Another Sonic Hooks session in New York featured NI’s Carmen Rizzo conducting an interview with songwriter Kimbra and DJ-producer Brenmar.

The entire Sonic Hooks series (including several “Toolbox” tutorial videos) is available via the Native Instruments website, or on YouTube.


3 thoughts on “NI Debuts Native Sessions ‘Sonic Hooks’ Interview Series

  1. Oh, man… Fatima al-Qadiri. Would love to hear how she approaches music production. It’s purposeful, yet sounds spontaneous.

  2. Please. Native Instruments are an embarassment these days. Such innovators back in the day. Absynth, Reaktor, Massive, Kontakt. Now just plodding along with nothing new except Mk 2 versions of old products and sample packs for EDM fanboys and people to lazy to take their own samples.

  3. i don´t know these people. are they stars? don´t think so. now, when coldplay had a maschine studio on stage, that was good marketing. but this? meh. mate galic should try to get a guy like avicii on board who used fl studio during most of his lifetime. that would be a real coup.

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