The NES Paul, ‘The Guitar That Helped Mario Save the Princess”

NES_Paul_DoniguitarAnd now for something completely different:

Someone has made a middling pun into a real, working musical instrument:  the NES Paul Guitar, an electric guitar, the body of which is made from — you guessed it — a Nintendo NES console.

Calling it “the guitar that helped Mario save the princess,” custom guitar-maker DoniGuitars says the NES Paul “is everything a fully playable guitar should be, only it is built within an original NES shell.”

“The original NES bodies [of the guitar] are always in good condition, some even perfect – it varies considering their age.

The guitar can then be finished off with your favourite Nintendo character adorning the headstock. Of course, you can choose to have it blank too if you so wish or you can make it truly custom to yourself/the recipient.”

Doniguitars_Rebel_BassDoniGuitars combines sci fi or gaming with puns, as with their previous custom stringed instruments, such as the [Han] Solo Guitar, and Rebel Bass guitar, both of which used a scale model Millenium Falcon as its body.

The DoniGuitars NES Paul guitar is made-to-order, and prices begin at $599 US. The Rebel Bass starts at $749. More information at Doniguitars’s Etsy shop.

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    1. I mean, if their innards were going towards things like the Analogue NT, that would be pretty nice. The more of those there are, the lower the price will get!

      At least in theory…

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