Moogfest Sneak Preview: The Debut Of Neuronics

Organizers of Moogfest 2016 – scheduled for Thursday, May 19 – Sunday, May 22 in Durham, NC – have announced the line up of vendors for the event’s Modular Marketplace.

The Modular Marketplace, which is free and open to the public, will feature product launches, daily demonstrations, sound experiments and other special events. It takes place at the American Tobacco Campus at 318 Blackwell Street, from 10am – 6pm from May 19 – 22.

A new company debuting at the event is Neuronics  – a collaboration of Dewanatron’s Leon Dewan and producer Josh Humphrey. Their sneak preview video is embedded above. 

moogfest-make-noiseSome highlights of the Modular Marketplace include:

  • Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1: Developed at The New Museum’s NEW INC incubator and funded through a Kickstarter campaign that raised $1.3 million, the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 will make its public debut at Moogfest 2016. The groundbreaking instrument allows users of any skill or style to strum a guitar, tap a piano, bow a violin, or loop a drum beat — all on a single interface. By connecting to iOS devices, Macs and PCs, this portable and durable musical tool can make any sound imaginable.
  • Audulus: Audulus is a virtual modular synthesizer environment for iOS, Mac, and Windows platforms. Throughout the festival, Audulus will be giving away copies of the deep and beautifully designed software to curious sonic voyagers.
  • Bastl Instruments: Based in the Czech Republic, Bastl Instruments in a community-driven company focused on producing handmade electronic musical instruments. Bastl Instruments will be displaying an eclectic robotic percussion set controlled by their Eurorack format synthesizer modules. Additionally Bastl Instruments will be offering 10% off discounts on their tabletop granular synthesizer – The Micro Granny.
  • Bleep Labs: Bleep Labs will launch the Thingamagoop 3 at Moogfest 2016, a light controlled synthesizer, effect and noise friend. Simple controls give musicians access to rich and diverse sounds, from simple square and triangle waves to FM laser battles.
  • Electric Objects: Electric Objects is the creator of E01, an Internet-connected screen designed specifically for art, capable of playing more than 10,000 works of digital art including video, animations, GIFs, high definition images, or web-based work. Electric Objects will be featuring works by performing artists and speakers at Moogfest 2016.
  • Kilpatrick Audio: Using both new and vintage circuits and cutting edge software, Kilpatrick Audio creates unique and interesting musical equipment designed to sound great, be fun to use, and to inspire musical ideas in the exploration of new sounds.
  • Luisa Perera & The Counterpointer: The Modular Marketplace will feature an auto-composing musical installation by coder and instrument designer Luisa Pereira. The counterpoint method Bach will be expressed through her instrument the Counterpointer and 3 Moog Mother-32 modular synths. This alludes to the work of the composer who made the Moog Modular famous, Wendy Carlos.
  • Make Noise: Based in Asheville, North Carolina, the home of Moog Music, Make Noise designs and builds Eurorack format modular synthesizers that incorporate “West Coast” design philosophies associated with synth pioneers Don Buchla and Serge Tscherpnin. Make Noise is presenting a demonstration of their new 0-Coast device during daytime programming.


  • 4MS
  • Artiphon
  • Audulus
  • Bastl Instruments
  • Big City Music
  • Bitwig
  • Black Market Modular
  • Bleep Labs
  • The Counterpointer
  • Delptronics
  • Dewanatron
  • Electric Objects
  • Endangered Audio Research
  • Erogenous Tones
  • The Harvestman
  • Industry Corporation
  • Intellijel
  • Kilpatrick Audio
  • LZX Industries
  • Make Noise
  • Malekko Heavy Industry Corporation
  • Mutable Instruments
  • Neuronics
  • Noise Engineering
  • Sputnik Modular
  • Suit & Tie Guy
  • Sunhouse
  • Switched On
  • Synthrotek
  • WMD
  • ZVEX Modular

For more information, see the Moogfest site.

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