Moog Minimoog Model D Reissue Hands-On Demo

At Moogfest 2016, Moog is piloting production of a new Minimoog Model D synthesizer – a ‘painstaking recreation of the original’ that also offers a few new tricks.

Moog has made new Minimoog circuit boards and used the original parts, in order to recreate the classic synth’s sound. But they’ve also incorporated sensible updates, including a better keyboard, an LFO and new control voltage routings.

We talked with Moog’s Nick Montoya, who gave us an overview of the new synth and showed us what it can do.

Here’s what Moog has to say about the reissue:

After more than 30 years, the Minimoog Model D returns with a pilot-production run at Moogfest 2016 in Durham, NC.

Handcrafted in the Moog Pop-Up Factory, the pilot-production units built during the festival will only be available for purchase on-site in the Moog Store by Guitar Center.

The Moog Pop-Up factory is open Thursday through Sunday from 10am-6pm at 312 Blackwell St. Power Plant Gallery – Durham, NC 27701.

The Minimoog Model D is priced at US $3499.

56 thoughts on “Moog Minimoog Model D Reissue Hands-On Demo

    1. Wonder if that came before the job or after. If before, good move to get a job there! If after, good move to keep a job there—hard to fire a guy with the company logo tattooed on his arm. 🙂

        1. there was no irony there.
          the comment is void of any reason:
          model D does not have CC. what the hell is an editor supposed to do?
          and we have vst for what exactly?

          the kid has 0 idea what he´s talking about. moog is a popular target for his sort.

          1. He was joking dude. He was pointing out what some less informed and ignorant people might say about a reissue of a 70’s synth. It’s called irony.

          2. Scroll back up. For those with no sense of humour, he acknowledges that it’s a joke, as though it wasn’t glaringly obvious.

            1. My point was that we have VSTs that emulate the Moog model D. If you want to have something that you can edit and save patches, then you should get that. That was the joke. What would be cool if Moog does what Aturia does with the Minibrute is to include patch cardsZ

  1. Some company better hire me fast because I have absolutely no money to afford all the amazing synths released in the last 6 months and the hits just keep coming!

  2. I’ll throw out that it would be cool if Moog invented something again. Crazy idea but I keep hoping.

    But all the kids on the block are going to go cray cray over this.. Moog will also go “cha-ching” with dollar signs everywhere.

    Give me polyphony. I want a 2016 Moog answer to the Prophet-5 in synth form – thanks ahead Moog.

    1. why they a;ready have invented the minimoog model D and it can;t be bettered.

      Why do people always want more. Its THE prefect synth. I’m buying it you;re just moaning

    2. I think it’s not fair to say that Moog is in the “cha-ching” side of things. In the last years they released (or “invented”) Moog Guitar, a whole bunch of unbelievable effect pedals, Mother 32, Werkstatt, Sub Phatty, Sub 37, one of the first really serious iOS App, and still one of the best nowadays… And after every single product release you could hear/read people asking them for a Minimoog reissue. I suppose that no matter what they do, there will always be people telling what they “should” do.

  3. so it has AFTERTOUCH and an extra LFO, with what looks like 5 extra controls on the left side there??? Would love to see these details confirmed!

  4. This looks magnificent, but WHY have they they given it full size keys?

    It’s seems Moog just don’t get it, all the other synth companies have understood that musicians’ hands have gradually been getting smaller over the past 3 decades. Mine are now 65% of full size, and so perfectly fit almost all modern synths. Except this, and Dave Smith’s accursed keyboards.

    Let’s hope they bring out a mini key version, with fewer octaves. And make it VA, whilst they pretend it’s analog. And what’s with the real wood? Wood effect is where it’s at now.

    Come on guys, things have moved on. We make products to a price now, not a standard.

  5. ‘THAN’, it’s ‘THAN’ god damn it! I’ve seen people write ‘then’ instead of than but never heard anyone say it until now…

    Very nice synth though.

    1. …..what should he have said… “You can’t pin this sound on anything except a Moog/Minimoog or the countless copies of it’s oscillator, filter, and overall design” ? They (Bob Moog) invented the damn thing, the oscillators, filter, and one of the first to simplify the whole modular format into VCO->VCF->VCA etc..

  6. So it has changes but it’s still called the Model D? Shouldn’t it be called the Model E? So they decided the original Model D design needed updating with an LFO, but they retained the ADS envelopes instead of giving it 2 ADSRs? Sigh.

  7. not sure if its worth the money from a personal perspective, i just can’t justify the price for what you get.

    but if my luck changes and the cash roles in i will take one.

  8. MiniMoog Model D with MIDI I/O, CV out, aftertouch, afterpressure, “extra” LFO, FATAR keybed … I’m dreaming already. I wonder if single patches or even patch banks could be loaded up via sysex?

    Keith Emerson would have loved it. KE I really miss you!

  9. Amazing, only 3.5k? for a Minimoog?! R u kidding??? Gonna buy two of them immediately!!! It should cost at least 15k as it’s new and sooo LEGENDRARY….. WOWOWOW! ! !

  10. Used Creamware MiniMax is $700 on ebay. It also has presets and effects and 6 voices! Maybe digital, but for the 5X less the price as a new mini Moog with less common sense features, really?

  11. I’m a little ignorant and am still trying to learn, can someone tell me why would this model D be more desirable than a voyager XL. And is the voyager XL capable of performing the same and better?

    1. I don’t own either and correct me if I am wrong, but IMO the Voyager XL is a modern take on the iconic Model D (more routing options, possibilities in both performance and sound design?)
      The original Model D is arguably one of the most revolutionary pieces of musical gear invented in the 21st century and is hugely responsibly for introducing synthesis is a “user-friendly” format for the mainstream market ie: Artists, musicians etc..
      I cannot personally say one or the other sounds superior. I am quite certain that it all comes down to personal taste and preference.
      Also I think for people of a certain era have a nostalgic feeling attached to the Model D is another factor that influences peoples desires towards the Model D.

      Just some points that could maybe help with your question.

  12. Here in Australia, given that the only Voyagers available brand new seem to be XLs, at around the AUD $7,700 range, and given that the cheapest Voyager on ebay is in the US at around USD $3,500 second hand, a brand new Moog Minimoog Model D for USD $3,500 is a good price. Problem is, its still well outside of my range – it will probably be closer to AUD $5000 down under when they are released. However, what this may very well do is see original Minimoog Model Ds drop dramatically in price. There is one going on ebay now for AUD $13,128 – so why would anyone buy that, if they can get exactly the same synth – and a bit better – for USD $3,500? So ironically, original Minimoogs may become affordable!

    Now if only Roland would re-issue the original System 100 and the Jupiter 8 (I’m not convinced with the Boutiques), and Korg re-issue the ARP 2600 and the Quadra, with Dave Smith reissuing the Prophet 6, what’s left? Yamaha CS-80 that is easy to maintain maybe? Korg do a matching MS-50 and SQ-10 for the MS-20 Mini? A Mono Poly?

    I have the MS-20 Mini and the Korg ARP Odyssey, and they are fantastic, and I’d dearly love to add more ‘new/old’ vintage analogue re-issues to my studio. Its a great time to be into electronic music – if you can afford it!

    1. I’m an Australian resident too. 2 years ago I bought a new Sub Phatty for A$899. IMO that’s an affordable price for a useful and beautiful instrument of great build quality. I also have a MS 20 Mini and its like a toy compared to the Moog. Mini jack out and no presets? Guess which goes to gigs. To get a more complex paraphonic sound in the studio, I MIDI them together. Nice.

  13. Malcolm…Moog are a cool company. And understand what is going on right now in the industry. Thats why they have re-issued the Minimoog.

    Roland are not cool. Re-issue the Jupiter 8? i would love that, but they will never get it….

    1. Because for many people, it’s not only a chance to own a synth they’ve wanted their whole lives, but it also sounds better.

      If you dont think it sounds better then you don’t need to worry about its existence.

  14. Let’s see. For about $1600 I can get BOTH the Arturia Keylab 88 and Keylab 61 with lots of software bundled, including some great pianos and Analog Lab. Then for $399, I can get the V Collection 5 which has models of the following instruments: Arp 2600, Yamaha CS-80, Roland Jupiter 8, Moog Modular, Oberheim SEM, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5/VS, Farfisa organ, Vox Continental organ, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Solina String Machine, Oberheim Matrix-12, Rhodes Stage 73, Synclavier II, Hammond B-3, some physical modeled pianos, and oh yes, a Minimoog Model D. Or I could spend $3499 and get one note polyphony. No thanks.

    1. Only problem is – NONE of the Arturia soft synths sounds anywhere near what they are supposedly modelling. Especially the Jup8 and the Matrix12 are huge jokes. Have NOTHING in common really with the sound of the hardware

  15. I’m curious about the oscillators. Are they as good as the old ones? The filter and the fast envelopes are easier to make than the oscs.. – and there were originally two versions.. the really old ones drifting as your room got warmer or cooler.. and the newer ones – that kept their tuning – but were also deemed a tad less musical… – the best option being a tempco-mod on the really old ones..

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