Three New Moog Euro Modules Spotted At Moogfest

moog-eurorack-modules-moogfest - 2

At Moogfest 2016, being held in Durham, NC Thursday May 19 – Sun May 22, we spotted three new Eurorack modules that are still to be announced. 

The Brother From Another Mother is a new module, in the style of the Mother 32. It’s being built by Moogfest Engineer VIP attendees. No word has been announced on whether it will be available outside the show.

Two additional Euro modules are installed as part of Yuri Suzuki’s Global Synthesizer project: the Geodesic Sampler and the Geospatial Reverb.

Our contact at Moog said that the Geodesic Sampler and the Geospatial Reverb are project-specific modules. No plans have been announced to release them commercially.

6 thoughts on “Three New Moog Euro Modules Spotted At Moogfest

  1. I must know why that reverb is so wide. Three knobs and four inputs for a reverb that looks around 18hp? That’s kinda crazy. O_o not knocking it. I’ll probably buy one but damn…that’s a lot of space 🙁

    1. Totally, looks like it’s got a small synth built-in… Reminds me a bit of the Moog Sequential 960

  2. The idea of three modules, a BFAM a Mother32 and possibly something else next year to fit the triple racks is very exciting indeed.

  3. I built one of the BFAM’s… Sounds is huge (we synced all 21 of us at once for a 21 oscillator sythn… Uh, wow!). The BFAM won’t be released as-is, because the design has components on both sides of the circuit board (not commercially mass scale efficient, to keep it Moogfest specific)… But doesn’t mean it can be tweaked, a few things added!, and push out! I like the more manual feel of the sequencer… Even has a weird sample and hold feeling “bug” when you patch clock out to clock in… My favorite feature 🙂 Would love a switch for sequencer direction/options, but otherwise it’s phenomenal. Now for the rest of a rack to complement it!

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