New Software Modular, Tangle, For Mac & Windows


Sound Guru has introduced Tangle – a new modular synth plugin for Mac and Windows that is currently available as a beta version.

The developer says that it’s ‘simpler to use than many other modular synths you’ve seen before’. Here’s a video intro:

In Tangle’s interface, minature components represent elements in your sound. They show information about the object’s settings, and quick controls for important parameters. Selecting one or more objects brings up a detailed panel for each object, which exposes the full controls.

Components are built for simplicity and flexibility. For example, each oscillator has an internal ADSR envelope to reduce clutter on the graph. But if you want, you can turn it off and plug in a multi-stage envelope instead. Another example is a delay component which can be used both in a regular way and as comb filter for Karplus string synthesis.


  • Oscillator blend between several waveforms, use as audio or LFO
  • Filter choose from zero-delay, warm 24db, or 12db SVF types.
  • Noise includes unusual types like crackle, hiss & pink.
  • Envelope infinite curve and step stages, loops, modulatable times.
  • Sequencer modulatable ‘Cartesian’ style inspired by MakeNoise.
  • Macro knob and XY Pad for control and DAW automation.
  • Quantise for restricting control signal values
  • MixPan with several algorithm for unusual mix & pan modulations
  • Delay in seconds, beats or hertz, with modulatable time & cutoff
  • Expression capture velocity, aftertouch etc.
  • Scope view signal from any component on the canvas.

Tangle is available now, as a beta release, for £19.99.

If you’ve used Tangle, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

11 thoughts on “New Software Modular, Tangle, For Mac & Windows

    1. Actually there is something similar available even if not exactly the same for an ipad. Look for “Analogkit” app. It is a lot of fun!

  1. This looks and sounds incredible. I’m happy to see such careful support of scales & tunings. Also cool to see the AdventureKid WaveForms (AKWF) make an appearance. That shows that you have thousands of waveforms at your disposal. Getting in at that price, beta testing (and hence influencing development) is a great opportunity.

    It seems like the interface and components are more upper level (requiring less additional wiring and building) than some of the other soft modulars that are out there. But I may be wrong about that.

  2. Looks neat. I have NI Blocks but I wouldn’t say it is always the easiest thing to sit down on and create with, especially if you’ve been away from it for awhile.

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