Tricky Traps – Interactive Gadgets For Ableton, Max For Live

Today, Sonic Faction announced Tricky Traps, a suite of interactive gadgets for Ableton and Max for Live.

Tricky Traps is a bundle of 16 “creative contraptions” for Ableton and Max for Live and includes step sequencers, MIDI effects, audio effects and instruments which the user can mix and match in any order. Developers explain, “Tricky Traps are made to perform simple tasks in a playful, intuitive fashion. Combining them together can trigger chain reactions which lead to happy accidents.”

Tricky Traps’ range of devices are designed for hands-on play. Its “quirky” sequencers and playable modulation tools provide a new approach to familiar music-making processes, while its set of “no-nonsense” instruments come with stripped-back sets of tweakable parameters.

Each MIDI device and audio control effect can be accessed via a customized Ableton Push grid, giving the user a range of tactile sequencing options that are new to the Push controller. Tricky Traps works with Launchpad Pro/Mk2 as well, and with the user’s MIDI keyboard.

Sonic_Faction_trickyTraps_ProductCoverTricky Traps Key Features include:

  • 16 unique devices spanning sequencers, sound generators, audio and MIDI effects.
  • Mix and match modules in any order for infinite sound combinations.
  • Create “intricate musical contraptions” that trigger unexpected chain reactions.
  • Interactive sequencers display on the grid for a hands-on experience with Push and Launchpad Pro/Mk2.
  • 60+ presets to show off what Tricky Traps is capable of.

Pricing and Availability. Sonic Faction Tricky Traps is available now for $59 US (€49) via the Sonic Faction and Ableton websites.

System Requirements. Tricky Traps requires Ableton Live 9.6 Suite and Max for Live 7.  More information, including a full list of instruments, is available at Sonic Faction.


21 thoughts on “Tricky Traps – Interactive Gadgets For Ableton, Max For Live

    1. Good for them,
      Unfortunatelly I can’t say the same for this site, is this a popular color scheme or something?
      Petition (considering the site’s highly democratic attitude)?

  1. please finally finish the website,
    i NEED that synth picture on the top of the page for my humanly well being

    1. Also, it crashes Firefox occasionally (including current downloads etc.)
      Please do your tests elsewhere, not on us (humble innocent synth rabbits).

        1. The old site was fine, until the cancer set in – those awful video ads that killed your browser, at that point I stopped using. This is OK, but I feel like I am staring at a piece of Ikea furniture, not the worse experience. Moog grey would be nice, with real wood end-stops – a nice strip of wood each side of the site – because that is what they do, isn’t it.

  2. I don’t want to act like a hater, but the new Synthtopia website does not look finished ; is it its actual state ? A work in progress ? The first time I saw it, I thought that Google Chrome was buggy, no joke… Or maybe it’s actually buggy and I’m the only one to see this blank desert sand yellow page.

    1. I agree. It’s odd they moved the topics column to the right with the same functionality, and it is a weird background color to have with no spacing/separation at all. The color would probably work better on its own if it was a couple shades lighter.

  3. very cool but looks like another blow to the tenori-on
    this does make you want to get Ableton Live 9.6 Suite

  4. Another amazing max for live product, max for live has absolutely changed the way I use live, it just keeps giving, no brainer purchase for me next pay day! By the way I kinda like the new synthtopia look

  5. im a mostly mobile user, didnt notice how unfinished the site looked until i logged on through my laptop. Why change something that isnt broken guys? A couple of borders and boxes here and there would work wonders, color is good!

    As for the pack, seems pretty legit, but hard to say from the video, would be great if they showed each device 🙂

  6. Nice, two questions please:

    Is push 1 supported too?

    Does any of the devices output direct cv/gate voltage to be used with modular ssynth


  7. Despite the lack of demos I went for it, initial thoughts this is actually a very cool set of tools for live jamming and coming up with new ideas. The push integration is slightly laggy (I’m using push 2 on maxed out 2013 i7 Macbookpro) but still very useable. I like the hands on feeling I get with it, I’ve only just scratched the surface and it’s already making think that this could work really well in a live setting. It feels loose enough to allow for experimentation and allow happy accidents yet not go too apeshit that it becomes unmusical. Highly recommended and unlike anything else I own.

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