Arturia Keystep Now Available


Arturia announced today that their KeyStep controller and sequencer is now shipping.

Introduced in January at the 2016 NAMM Show, the KeyStep is a new USB MIDI controller keyboard and polyphonic step sequencer, with CV connectivity.

Here’s a video demo:

In the video, three Arturia team members created a real-time performance using 3 KeySteps, using Analog Lab software instrument (via USB), a Micromonsta Polyphonic Synthesizer (via MIDI), and a DrumDokta module (via CV/GATE).

Here’s the official guided tour:

Pricing and Availability

KeyStep is available now has a street price of about US $120. For more information about the KeyStep, see the Arturia website.

17 thoughts on “Arturia Keystep Now Available

    1. is there any chance you could tell us the dimensions as I don’t seem to be able to find them any where and would like to know if it will fit in my modular case?


  1. For the price, seems like a great option for a compact controller.

    They say it can be powered by an iPad, but it also has a DC jack. Is an adapter included?

    Seems to only store 8 sequencer presets, which is not really enough.

    1. I think that 8 is enough. It’s more as a performing tool, rather than a composing device. Hopefully they’ll add few more features to it.
      Adapter is not included. Regular micro usb cable can be used as power source either from computer or usb charger.
      A great thing about it is that it also has midi thru – a feature which is missing from BeatStep Pro.

    1. I thought it was an interesting choice of kit; They could quite easily have stuck to an all-arturia setup, but they instead used odd bits like the micromonsta, which must be a nice bit of free advertising for a small company like them.

  2. is it me or is this a stupid good bargain, getting midi in, out and through a modular for this price whilst having keys as well is fantastic.. or am I missing something?

  3. I like that it has 2 1/2 octaves, and that it has aftertouch and a pedal jack.
    I like that it has a second CV output that can track velocity, aftertouch or mod ribbon.
    I am relieved that the step sequencer is transposable. For some reason some step sequencers in recent years have not been transposable, which makes little sense.

  4. I sent mine back two weeks ago because the two leftmost keyboard keys were harder to press than the other keys, triggering them needed more force which made it difficult to play. Apart from this QC issue that it was a nice mobile keyboard.

  5. Apparently there are some quality control issues with this dude.

    Lots of users on Muffwiggler are reporting keys that don’t transmit CV or Gate or both.

    Make sure you fully check the output of every key, and request your replacement unit if somethings wrong while the unit can easily be returned.

  6. Ordered mine in April and it arrived on Jul 14th. Mistakenly thought 8 sequences meant 8 channels of midi simultaneously. No, it means “only 8 patterns”. So that was really disappointing. Still it seems decent, I like the 64 steps per pattern and that its polyphonic. Only 8 patterns in memory seems a little low, but then it didn’t cost that much. Hope they come out with something more sophisticated in a similar package & size. The touch plates are pretty cool.

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