FL Studio Updated To Version 12.3, Here’s What’s New


Image-Line has released FL Studio 12.3, an update to its popular Windows DAW.

FL Studio 12.3 introduces new plugins, plugin updates, workflow enhancements and realtime audio stretching.

Here’s the official intro video:

Video index:

00:00 – Introduction and greetings
00:11 – Realtime Audio Stretching
00:25 – Macro – Switch realtime stretching for all audio clips
01:08 – Where do you select realtime stretching?
02:58 – Scale highlighting
03:48 – Keyboard view options
04:26 – Piano roll event editor – Target selector menu
04:42 – Brush tool updates
05:19 – New Piano roll keyboard shortcuts
05:44 – Updated plugins ( Grossbeat )
06:04 – Updated plugins ( Fruity Limiter )
06:29 – Updated plugins ( Love Philter )
06:43 – Updated plugins ( Patcher )
06:57 – Updated plugins ( ZGameEditor Visualiser )
07:12 – Updated plugins ( Sytrus )
07:39 – MIDI ‘Receive notes from’
08:37 – MIDI channel through
09:24 – Solo / Mute locking
10:14 – NEW Transient Processor
11:03 – NEW Razer Chroma
12:14 – Typing values
12:36 – Channel rack buttons ( Resizing )
12:36 – Channel rack buttons ( Sorting / Name / Color / Track )
12:36 – Channel rack ( Window height )
13:38 – Image-Line Remote control
14:31 – Incremental scrolling (Playlist, Piano roll, Event Editor)
15:26 – Continuous scrolling (Playlist, Piano roll, Event Editor)

Here’s what’s new in FL Studio 12.3

  • Plugins
    • Transient Processor (demo). Enhance or suppress the attack transients and release of percussive and other transient sounds. $49 in the Image-Line Shop.
    • Razer Chroma – Control Razer Chroma enabled hardware such as laptops, keyboards, mice and headsets from FL Studio.
  • Updated Plugins
    • Gross Beat – Vectorial UI.
    • Fruity Convolver – Vectorial UI.
    • Fruity Limiter – Vectorial UI.
    • Love Philter – Vectorial UI.
    • Maximus – Vectorial UI.
    • Parametric EQ2 – Right-click band tokens to select Key (note frequencies).
    • Patcher – New FX patches by WiseLabs, right-click the plugin window’s top-right preset selector.
    • Sytrus – Vectorial UI + 73 nucleon presets.
    • ZGameEditor Visualizer – Completely revised with up to 25 layers and new visual FX.
  • FL Studio Features
    • Real-time stretching – Sampler and Audio Clip ‘Realtime > Stretch’ mode allows real-time, independent tempo and pitch variations.
    • Lock MIDI notes to Channels – Right-click a Channel Button and select Receive notes from. The Channel will now respond to that Controller regardless of what Channel is selected in FL Studio.
    • MIDI channel through – Allows all MIDI Channels from a controller or external sequencer to pass to the plugin for separate control AND to record up to 16 separate MIDI Channel colors.
    • Mute/Solo locking – Shift-Click Mute LEDs to lock them to their current state.
    • Image-Line Remote feedback – Right-click Enable Image-Line Remote to activate control feedback from IL Remote to FL Studio.
    • Type in values – Tempo and Mixer track selectors now accept actual values.
    • Auto name option – The names of existing Channels aren’t changed when dropping presets on them and the General Settings > Auto name is off.
    • Restore previous state after solo option – General Settings > Miscellaneous allows you to restore the Channel Rack, Playlist and Mixer to their state prior to a solo command, or to unsolo everything when it’s off.
    • Channel Rack height – Auto Resize: Set the height of the Channel Rack (Off, Min, Max).
    • Channel Rack sorting – Menu option > Sort by: Sort the Channel Rack order by Mixer Track Number, Channel Name or Channel Color.

Pricing and Availability

FL Studio is available now in four editions, starting at US $99. See the Image-Line site for details.

21 thoughts on “FL Studio Updated To Version 12.3, Here’s What’s New

        1. It’s been about a decade since they’ve been planning, releasing a poorly coded wrapper version and now the newest incarnation of a Mac version. I’m sure it’s going to take a couple more years just to get it to run stable. Since most of their Mac plug-ins are known for crashing and being bug filled. Which they’ve been putting off and promising to fix for years now.

          They just got time stretch, most DAWs have had this feature for 5 years or more. They’ve been listening to user complaints for decades on getting multiple time signatures, I’ve heard they are finally getting around to it.

          They also lost their lead developer, who left to pursue making video games, how fitting. So they are basically learning decades of coding while fixing and improving it while coding a Mac version… and making new plug-ins to keep the money stream coming since their free updates for life model is flawed for longevity.

          If you don’t mind waiting several more years to get basic features then it’s a great deal. If you like to have the newest tools and features to get the most out of your DAW then stay far away. I’ve made more music in the time it took them to release 64 bit then it was worth waiting to use my 64 bit plug-ins.

          Plus all the new plug-ins they release are demo versions and require additional purchasing. Where do they find the time to work on Fruityloops? Exactly.

    1. There’s a reason you and most the community hasn’t touched it in a long time. It took them this long to get time stretch.
      I guess when it’s free updates for life there’s good reason to drag your feet. Exactly the reason they were the last DAW to get
      64 bit too. It’s like wait forever or get shit done with another DAW. I think the only people who still use Fruityloops are the
      kids that grew up with the cracked version.

      1. actually it has had stretching since way back, just not dynamic stretching. The reason I generally stopped using it years back was that I like to keep nimble for live performance, but for a long time I used both fl and ableton because I like writing beat and midi clips better in fl – they would just end up in lave in the end

        1. It’s clear from the comments Judge Booty has an axe to grind.

          BitWig took 3 years to deliver. I am sure Imageline know what they are doing and FL Studio on Mac will be worth the wait

  1. How much resources does it need to properly run?
    Download the demo and try, and it does need some power to run

    It is a neat program though

  2. Yeah, im waiting on the mac version. I run windows through boot camp on my mac and the audio drivers for windows are all screwed up. And the mac mouse if far superior than anything windows seems to be able to handle. Pretty much pointless trying to really get anything done in FL studio on a windows mac. The Alpha is getting pretty close to Beta so its coming.

    1. What’s so screwed up with windows audio drivers? I’m running on Windows 10 with external soundcard with proper ASIO drivers and everything runs smoothly. I guess it also depends on hardware.

    1. Yeah this little update took them 8 months. 12.2 was released in December of last year.
      That’s what happens when updates are free, they tend to drag their feet on giving out stuff.
      The reason it took them so long to get time stretch, they still haven’t implemented multiple
      time signatures, like seriously? Good luck waiting on that Mac version. 🙂

      1. Why so cynical? Not only is it the 8 gajillionth free update, they’re also visibly, actively working on moving the platform to mobile and OSX. Shit takes time.

        I haven’t used it since moving to OSX 8 or 9 years ago but I bought it at V2 (after using the free version since 0.4 or something) and I just don’t get the complaints. It’s musically powerful software for a great price, especially long term, even if it doesn’t do everything a given user wants.

      2. Image-Line delivered FL Studio 12.1, 12.2 and 12.3 since launch. Each of these delivered more features than most DAW manufacturers provide for full version updates. They generally only provide bug fixes in the point updates.

        You also seem to have lost the plot on how FL Studio free updates work. They don’t need to update the major revision number any time soon because it doesn’t matter which version you buy. The paid-for DAWs all are scrambling to do the big number update to squeeze another $200 out of their customers.

        Image-Line have nothing to prove here buddy.

  3. I design everything in FL Studio, then shuffle on Pro Tools …
    Very good synthesis …
    FL Studio is the most crazy music software liberates many ideas;-)
    Hardware > RME and Avid
    I would hope FL for Linux and pay twice as well 🙂
    Dreams just **

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