New iPad App, Waverails, Combines Modular Synthesis & Musique Concrete


Developer Benjamin Olson has introduced Waverails for iPad – a modular path-based loop processor, inspired by ‘avant-garde tape music and early electromechanical musical contraptions’.

Instead of recording, overdubbing and splicing together tape, Waverails lets you splice, warp, blend and reverse audio (live input and/or samples) in real-time by using path-based modular components.

Waverails can be used as an audio processor or live performance tool to create effects and performances that aren’t easily replicated in real-time with traditional audio software and effects.

The developer says that Waverails is designed for creating:

  • Lo-fi warped sound collages
  • Phased loops
  • Chopped up real-time glitchy beats
  • Massive glittery ambience
  • Granular textures
  • Harmonic and rhythmic effects that transform input sounds into music


  • Audiobus support (filter port)
  • Control each modular component’s parameters in real time
  • Jump functionality lets you easily set cues and sync object positions and speeds
  • Fine grained or musical interval-based speed control
  • BPM control to match audio input tempo
  • Perform any task with a few taps, without needing any gestures/long presses.
  • No additional hardware or apps required, create new sounds using internal or imported samples
  • Info function to share and learn information about custom patches.

Here’s the official video demo:

Pricing and Availability

Waverails is available now as a free download. Full patch editing and save functionality require an in-app purchase.

If you’ve used Waverails, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

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