Uli Behringer Says His New Synth Is Going To Blow Your Mind


uli-behringerBehringer’s introduction of their new DeepMind 12 synthesizer, above, has been one of the most successful teaser campaigns in recent memory.

Many Synthtopia readers are excited at the prospect of not just a major new synthesizer, but the promise of a major new synth manufacturer.

Behringer founder Uli Behringer, right, is doing his part to feed the hype. In fact, in new post, he promises that the DeepMind 12 synthesizer is going to be ‘mind-blowing’.

Here’s what Behringer has to say about the new synth and it’s name:

While my personal background is more related to the traditional classical and jazz piano, the emotional experience that this synthesizer has evoked in me is best described as “mind-blowing”, and I am not stating this because my name is on the instrument.

I am sure many of you have the same wonderful and highly emotive experience when playing your own musical instrument. And isn’t this exactly what music is about?

Over the several years that we developed and fine-tuned the DeepMind12, I have spent endless amount of hours in front of this instrument and every time, its unlimited sounds and possibilities carried me into a different state of mind.

The fascinating part is that your mental experience dramatically increases as you add polyphony, effects and in particular analog sound generation and processing. It is exactly the inaccuracy, vividness and richness of analog that our mind relates to, very similar to a real orchestra where all instruments are slightly out of tune or beat. After all it is the imperfection of sound that appeals to us human beings.

I have also encountered the very same phenomenon when the artists seen in the videos played the synthesizer for the first time. We recorded and captured their true emotions playing the DeepMind12; just to dispel rumors, none of them were paid for these videos or presented with scripts.

I truly believe the DeepMind12 is a very different instrument and hence we felt it deserves a very different name. Of course I understand that names are highly subjective and I respect that not all of you like my choice. So simply blame me for it:-)

Perhaps I can invite you to share with us your proposals for products and names? We are currently hiring 30 synthesizer product specialists and engineers for our new Synthesizer Division. Our ambitious vision is to embark on a comprehensive synthesizer journey. Like you, we are incredibly passionate about synthesizers.

Full details on the new DeepMind 12, including pricing and availability, are still to be announced. In the meantime, you can check out some images and the latest teaser video below:

behringer-deepmind-12-analog-synthesizer behringer-deepmind-12-synthesizer behringer-12-voice-polyphonic-synthesizer behringer-polyphonic-analog-synthesizer

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46 thoughts on “Uli Behringer Says His New Synth Is Going To Blow Your Mind

  1. Really don’t have room for anymore keyboards, well maybe just one more lol, but the possibility of a rack version has me very interested.

  2. I am not sure about the “most successful teaser campaigns in recent memory”. For me this kind of teaser campaigns, are just plain annoying. Just tell us the full specs and price already.

    1. yeh i dont think they are referring to your own personal idea of “successful” in regards to how happy it makes you – but rather how many people got hyped up about it, how many are talking about it, how much press coverage, etc.. you know – the generalized, standard idea of “success” in marketing

      1. The “success” may be attributed to the promise of a professional and luscious synthesizer at an affordable price. I think most of us are annoyed by the teaser campaigns. They feel just a little bit icky to me. Personally, the interview with the Midas engineers who designed and built the synth was the most exciting. It was posted by Amazona.de and referenced here on Synthtopia. More of that please, less hyperbole.

        1. if you are annoyed by marketing and advertising… thats on you

          try taking a break from buying shit all the time, it might help

          1. Yes, it’s true, I am annoyed by teaser campaigns. I’m not sure what you mean by “that’s on you”; nor do I understand the relevance of “stop buying shit”. I do enjoy advertising and marketing that informs me of the products features and design. But I’m neither moved nor enticed by a series of hints. Just irritated. If you enjoy seeing people react to a synth you can’t see, or you enjoy being teased, well then you’re the target audience. That’s a good thing for you. But I don’t think most are curious about the synth just because some guys in marketing copied what worked for others years ago. We would be talking about the synth anyhow. That was my point. It’s not a measure of the success of this type of campaign. The very fact that Behringer is planning on entering the market is “buzz” worthy. Like I mentioned, the interview with the engineers was much more exciting for me. I’ll be even more enticed if it turns out to be both affordable and fabulous. We’ll see. Looking forward to it.

    2. I find that these sorts of campaigns tend to backfire. People like us get all speculative and spec-focused and only end up disappointed when it’s finally revealed. Just release the damn thing already.

  3. Hey Uli, please make an affordable semi modular desktop monosynth with flexible mod matrix and FM/wavetable capabilities and ring modulator! 12 voice polyphony is good but two VCOs in a desktop for 3-400 dollars with a flexible analog/digital architecture would kick ass!

  4. ” In fact, in new post, he promises that the BeepMind 12 synthesizer is going to be ‘mind-blowing’.”
    Was that an accidental typo? 😉
    I think that is actually a better name…

  5. This is right on point for Behringer. Taking what the other big boy mgfs have been doing and bringing it to production on a mass basis. I really admire the merger of new and old tek. In fact, I will hold off to see price before I committing to what was going to be my JUNO-106 purchase this year. I cant wait for specs. I also have to applaud the cleaning up of the brand by working with Midas. I’ve owned several products from mixers to rack units and admittedly, don’t still have it all because of build, quality and even design issues, but I still believe this product will be worth the wait nevertheless. In fact, I can’t help but wonder if this is the dawning of a new stage for Behringer. What comes next?


    I’d love to see rack mount acoustic physical modeling synth. Yamaha had one years ago. I’d like it to have several engines: a string modeling engine (a la Logic’s Sculpture), a tube modeling engine (a la Reaktor’s Steampipe).

    With the string have a range of activations methods including all kinds of textures of pick, hammers, and bowing. Also, have different kinds of resonators like hollow box, drum (like banjo), and lots of other designs. Be able to locate mics or pickups even in dynamic locations (that change with pitch).

    For the tube model, have excitation from cross-blown (flute), single-reed, double-reed, buzzing lips. Change the tube material and characteristics, and even do things like emulating mutes and other weird additional resonance things.

    Have a few inputs in the back for realtime control (footpedals, BC, ribbon).

    While were at it, how about getting permission from Yamaha to release a BC3 breath controller copy?

    Maybe it could be called “WaveCraft” or “VibroLab” or “Artisyn” ?

    Ok. I’m not so good with the names. But I do like DeepMind 12 very much.

    1. Oh, and a separate percussion engine a la Image-Line’s Drumaxx, and AAS Chromophone. A string, a tube, and a membrane, walk into a bar. They all get excited.

      1. It should also have a MIDI controlled mini-brewery and be capable of vacuuming your studio.

        Maybe a CV modulated Fleshlight addon…….

        1. Oh. You think I was kidding? I most certainly was not.

          Physical Modeling Synth: string, woodwind, brass, percussion.

          There are so so many subtractives, and a fair number of FMs. But no physical modeling synths. They are so much fun to use.

          1. I think you are being unrealistic.

            That sort of thing is much better on a computer with lots of screen space and processing power.

            Why do you think it is not incorporated into synths outside of workstations?

            1. I think you should have a look at the Chromaphone plugin. Not too many modelling parameters,still a huge range of semi- or near-realistic up to totally different from substractive sounds. I second the idea!

  7. Something like a polyphonic dual 0-coast (double everything per voice). With a great matrix – fully patchable in real time with no menus and no patch cords in the way of the hands.
    With 3d expressive input a la linnstrument, rise, etc.
    Really, any affordable knob per function self-contained polyphonic analog that isn’t another subtractive synth would pique my interest.

  8. > The fascinating part is that your mental experience dramatically increases as you add polyphony, effects and in particular analog sound generation and processing.

    His posts feel to me like they are written, at least in part, by ‘social media’ interns in Behringer’s marketing department.

    1. I’d say $1599 minimum, and likely more like $1999. Even at $1999 it would be considered affordable for what it is. I’d say anyone who thinks a fully discreet 12 voice analog synthesizer with these kind of features and build quality is gonna cost less than $1000 is smoke’n rocks! I will be VERY happy to stand corrected…

  9. I’m pretty sure it’s going to cost less than 1000. If their big mixers (x32) cost about 30% of the price of its alternatives, then this will be less. That’s because synthesizer market is way bigger than live mixer market. I wouldn’t and would be amazed at the same time if it will be around the same price range as Korg Minilogue. For sure they will sell at least 50 times as many synths as Prophet 08

    1. No way it will be less than $1000. Just from doing a basic BOM and typical margins it will be $1600 minimum, probably $2000.
      I was interested in comparing synth prices to guess the price based on the 30% figure given above. Based on the cost of all the polysynths currently available, if it was 30% it would still be $1600.

      DSI P6 6 voices $3000
      DSI OB6 6 voices $3000
      DSI Pro12 12 voices $3000
      DSI Pro 2 $2000
      Modal 008 8 voices $5000
      Model 002 8 voices $4500
      Model 001 2 voices $2000
      Korg Minilogue 4 voices $500
      Oberheim TVS-1 2 voices $3300

      1. You forgot the roland
        -4 voiced analog and 8+ digital JDXA ($1700) and JDXI ($500!!!!!!)
        -Korg Minilogue 4 voice ($500)
        I think Behringer will need to compete somewhere between the Dave Smith poly’s and the jdxi
        in order to reach the mass audience.

  10. I could see the desktop coming in at $999 or so… keyboard at $1199

    anything lower and it will be tough to keep in stock anywhere

  11. He doesn’t say it is going to blow our minds, he says his emotional experience while playing the synth was “mind-blowing”. I swear with every passing day, headlines around the world become more and more misleading.

  12. Does anyone care that there are no patch memory buttons? For live work good luck unless you store all your patches sequentially in all 512 locations

  13. “it is the imperfection of sound that appeals to us human beings”: DCOs??? hmmm…. could be a kind of digitally simulated jitter in the counter?

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