Umlaut Audio Introduces Pads and Arps for Kontakt

Umlaut Audio has introduced two new virtual instruments, Pads and Arps, designed for Native Instruments’ Kontakt software (including the free Kontakt player version).

Umlaut_AudioPads is a virtual synth instrument that combines two separate layers of natural and organic sounds that “tastefully” build, “adding a new level of emotion and excitement to any composition.” The user can sculpt and shape the layers of sound to their needs with envelopes, modulators, step sequencers, creative FX, and randomization options.

Arps is a virtual arpeggiator instrument that uses four separate layers of sample-based percussive sounds to provide “endless possibilities” of rhythmic patterns. Arps allows the user to exercise precise control over its fully-featured arpeggiator, adjustable FX enabling users to “set [their] patterns to whatever timing fits [their] needs.”

Pricing and Availability. Umlaut Audio’s Pads and Arps virtual instruments are available for download now via their website. Pads retails for $149 US, Arps retails for $99 US. A limited free trial version of both instruments, along with additional information, is available at Umlaut Audio.



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