The Bob Moog Foundation Is Giving Away A Classic Memorymoog


The Bob Moog Foundation – a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the work of synth pioneer Bob Moog – has announced that they are holding a raffle to give away a vintage Memorymoog synthesizer.

Proceeds from the raffle will benefit the Foundation’s educational and historic preservation initiatives.

The Memorymoog is a rare beast – boasting 6-voice polyphony, with three VCO’s per voice, a massive 18-oscillator unison mode, 100 patch memory, an arpeggiator and more.

Memorymoog Demo Videos:

Hmemorymoogere’s what the Foundation has to say about this specific instrument:

The vintage Memorymoog being offered, serial number 2626 was built at Moog Music’s Cheektowaga, NY factory in the mid-80s and is valued in excess of $6,500.

It is in excellent technical condition and has been meticulously serviced by respected vintage synth specialists Tone Tweakers. There are minor imperfections on the wood and metal that one would expect from a vintage instrument, otherwise it is in very good physical condition.

Tickets to enter the raffle are $25 each, 5 for $100 or 10 for $200. You can purchase them via the Foundation site.

15 thoughts on “The Bob Moog Foundation Is Giving Away A Classic Memorymoog

  1. The Memorymoog is a beast indeed! I bought mine for $500 in the late 80’s (from a church). Lots of issues keeping the oscillators in tune,it has to warm up for 30 minutes, the fans make a lot of noise, no midi, but it will go to the grave with me 🙂

    1. I sold mine to a church in the late 80’s so I could buy a motorcycle. Mine had the midi upgrade. I ended up giving the bike away to a kid.

  2. > The Bob Moog Foundation –
    > a non-profit organization
    Hm… but Mark Doty´s salary needs to be paid. He works as archive and educational specialist at the foundation. So my guess is they have to do the silly raffle in order to guarantee his workplace. Why don´t they communicate the matter in an open and honest way? They should sell the Memorymoog via Ebay. That would be more transparent.

    1. You don’t know what “non-profit” means, I take it. Money paid to an employee isn’t profit. Profit would be anything left over after expenses (such as salaries) are paid. “Non-profit” means that the aim is to have no leftover money, I.e. every fund raised goes back into the entity in some way.

    1. Next time… arrange a raffle with 4000 tickets.
      Keep 800$ and donate the rest 79200-99200$ for a good cause.

  3. You can certainly upset a sound engineer with one of these beasts.
    Synth of choice for five years live with The Shamen.
    If ever a synth needed an autotune button it was this.
    Golden memories. It was stolen in the end.

  4. Didn’t Moog do a Minimoog giveaway just before reissueing the Model-D?
    Would be hard to imagine they can remake this one, as it has always been flawed.

  5. Rachel

    That makes no sense. ALL non-profits hav to pay their employees.

    Does the United Way or your church need to go around announcing that they pay their employees?

    Also – they DO say exactly what the fundraising goes towards.

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