Ruismaker FM – A New FM Drum Synth For iOS

ruismaker-fm-ipad-drum-synthesizerDeveloper Bram Bos has released Ruismaker FM, a new FM drum synth app for iOS, from the creator of Ruismaker.

Ruismaker FM’s flexible synthesis engine lets you create anything from snare drums, kickd rums and spacy toms to weird and unconventional percussive sounds and effects.

Ruismaker FM is an AU, so it works inside your sequencer and Audio Unit Instrument hosts. Audio Units are plug-ins that need a compatible host app to work. Ruismaker FM has been tested to work with Steinberg Cubasis, Apple Garageband, Modstep and AUM.


  • Audio Unit Instrument (AUv3): making music on iOS doesn’t get more convenient
  • Use Ruismaker FM’s flexible FM synth engine to create thousands of sounds
  • Comes with loads of factory preset sounds as example
  • Does not use any samples; all sounds are synthesized in realtime, on the fl
  • Light on the CPU, so you can run lots of instances simultaneously
  • Has an extra compact 4″ UI mode; especially for iPhone SE and iPhone 5S
  • Fully automatable parameters (requires host support)
  • Fully MIDI controllable using MIDI CC. Download the advanced guide on for more details about parameter automation, available instruments and MIDI implementation.

Pricing and Availability

Ruismaker FM is available now for US $4.99. See the Ruismaker site for more info

Note: iOS Audio Units are supported on iPads (iPad 4, iPad Mini 2 and up) and iPhones (iPhone 5S and up) with iOS 9 and higher.

9 thoughts on “Ruismaker FM – A New FM Drum Synth For iOS

    1. I simply host it in AUM and trigger using my hardware gear or use patterning. Seems to work nicely with the CC controllers too.

  1. I’m confused (and maybe out of the loop). If this is an AU, does that mean I can run it in Logic? Or is the new iOS “AU” format not the same as the OS X AU format (sometimes I f*cking hate Apple)?

    1. Yes this is iOS AU, as such it needs and iPad or an iPhone with an AU host
      It sounds excellent and is quite fun to use.

  2. Standalone folks: Plunk down the cash for Kymatica’s AUM and don’t look back.

    Can also you Garageband, ModStep, Cubasis, midiSteps… but AUM is clean and fast.

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