Qu-Bit Chord Review

This video, via BBoy Tech Report, takes a look at the new Qu-Bit Chord.

The Chord is a new Eurorack module that can be used to bring polyphonic chords to your modular system. It is a four voice oscillator with individual and summed outputs. All voices are tuned together, allowing for quick and easy sequencing of chord progressions.

Pricing and Availability

The Qu-Bit Chord is available for US $399. See the Qu-Bit site for details.

11 thoughts on “Qu-Bit Chord Review

  1. I was hoping to hear one pleasing chord. Please synthesists, create pleasing music. But hey, maybe that is just my taste. Looks like it might be a cool module though.

  2. I thought the same. I think I heard a nice electric piano sounding chord somewhere in the video but all the noise kind of killed it. It is pretty tempting.

  3. I had this for a week and sold it, not because it wasn’t interesting but just did not work for me personally. Guess it depends on how you use your modular to make music, but I was kinda disappointing seeing how much they changed it form the prototype design they showed at NAMM. For any of those also wanting the added functionality of the original design do not fear, there is another…


  4. What I don’t understand is how this guy can be surrounded by literally tens of thousands of dollars in gear, and he can’t figure out how to record a video with (shocked face) direct audio from the synth AND direct audio from a mic, aaaaaannnnnndddddd….. Maybe mix it all so it doesn’t sound like shit.

    Nahhhh let’s hold our cell phone on a selfie stick instead.


    1. If you’re a musician you might not even care about how the video looks like.
      I think he did a good job and for my taste of sound what he did sounded nice. I’d like to have that module too!

  5. Yeah I think I’m selling mine as well. It really doesn’t do much and no matter what you do it always sounds the same.Reminds me of a Korg or Roland sample player of some kind. I’m bummed I spent 400 though.

  6. heard it today and i was hoping i could be more positive about it. first of all the sounds all together are very harsh, even the sine (?!) – kind of stonecold digital sounding, almost like some digital crackling distortion, very strange. the harmomize function isnt musical at all, i dont get that part at all. even witha really slow bassline this doeant make sense at all, except you find the sweet spot? if you screw around with it by hand and are not deaf, it actually can make some pleasant chord variations and followings, but cv’d this is so tuff to get right, that you might end up learning to play and friggin play it, before it does what you want it to do. for random again, same story. also -for prize and size and all the digital possibilities of such a module, i’d expect at least the same chord memory the flame chord machine has. for me it simply isnt very musical and not really usable in a musical context…and above all it hasnt got that 400 dollar sound.

  7. He gives a good idea of how it sounds and functions, but I wish he’d provided some more patch examples. Having LFOs going crazy on every parameter starts to sound like mush after a while.

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