Getting Started With The Roland TR-09 Drum Machine

Roland shared this playlist of videos on getting started with the new TR-09 Drum Machine.

The Roland TR-09 (Street $399) is designed to offer the power of Roland’s iconic TR-909 drum machine in a compact and affordable format. The TR-09 recreates the hybrid sound of its predecessor using analog component modeling, complete with the familiar 16-step TR-REC programming style and a choice of Step or Tap write modes.

The TR-09 also offers greater flexibility than the original, letting you fine-tune parameters and switch modes without interrupting beats. It’s also designed for easy connectivity to external gear, with a choice of MIDI, USB, and trigger ports giving control over vintage analog synths, modular gear, and DAWs.

All three new Roland Boutique units run on 4 x AA batteries or USB bus power. Each module also includes a powered mini-speaker.

See the Roland site for more info.

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  1. I really should stop reading the comments, Roland will sell a ton of them to people who want them, and those people aren’t the moaning keyboard warriors who dismiss anything that doesn’t have a Korg badge on it…..

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