Roland DJ-808 DJ Controller, TR-09 Rhythm Composer, TB-03 Bass Line, and VP-03 Vocoder Now Available


Roland has announced the availability of four new products:

  • the DJ-808 DJ Controller;
  • the TR-09 Rhythm Composer drum machine;
  • the TB-03 Bass Line synthesizer; and
  • The VP-03 Vocoder.

Roland’s first DJ controller, the DJ-808 (Street $1499), co-developed with DJ software innovator Serato, features a standalone 4-channel mixer, built-in drum sequencing, vocal processing, external instrument connectivity, and the deepest Serato DJ integration available.

The DJ-808 also offers a built-in, customizable Roland TR-S drum machine featuring 606, 707, 808 and 909 drum sounds. A 16-step TR-S sequencer offers trigger control over the Serato Sampler within Serato DJ.

In addition to microphone and DVS-ready turntable inputs, two AIRA Link USB ports enable DJs to connect compatible Roland synths and electronic gadgets, and to produce a live remix, trigger keyboard arpeggios or play live bass lines that will sync to Serato DJ tracks.

The onboard VT Voice Transformer can transform and pitch your voice to match the key of Serato DJ tracks, via the Auto Pitch function. Velocity-sensitive RGB color pads and dedicated FX control knobs are also featured.

The TR-09 (Street $399) offers the sound of Roland’s iconic TR-909 drum machine in a compact and affordable format, with a 16-step TR-REC programming style and Step or Tap write modes.

The TB-03 (Street $349) is a circuit modeled take on the TB-303.

The new four-digit LED display allows enhanced programming, while rotary dials give hands-on control. Saw and square waveforms are complemented by new overdrive, delay, and reverb effects.

In addition to the original’s Pitch and Time write modes, there’s a new Step mode and fine tempo control, and sequences can continue playing while switching modes.

The compact VP-03 (Street $349) takes cues from the VP-330 Vocoder Plus, featuring  vocoder, human voice, and string sound sources on board. It includes a gooseneck XLR microphone, and can be paired with the optional K-25m Keyboard Unit.

New features include 16 Chord Memory setups for one-finger chord playback, plus a new Voice Step Sequencer.

Each of the Boutique series boxes offers a built-in speaker, modern connectivity with external gear, and battery or USB power.

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  1. The US to Canadian conversion sucks. TR09 $349 US with 30% conversion and 13% tax would cost us $512 CAN. No wonder I buy things used 🙂

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