Roland JD-Xi Update Adds Side Chain Compression, Shuffle & More

Roland has released JD-Xi v1.5, an update that adds shuffle, side-chain compression & more. 

Here’s what’s new in JD-Xi Version 1.5:

  • Interactive Chord function was added.
  • Transpose function was added.
  • Shuffle function was added.
  • Side Chain Compressor function was added.
  • Startup Program function was added.

Roland has also released a new patch library that features new dance music sounds, from Electro House to Dubstep. The new sounds take advantage of new features, like Interactive Cord, Side Chain Comp and Shuffle.

15 thoughts on “Roland JD-Xi Update Adds Side Chain Compression, Shuffle & More

  1. WTF why the 70% of the demo songs are so lame, please people you advertise musical instruments with lots of capabilities. why why, this video makes not to buy ..

      1. Seriously tho…. the fact you can can now choose the program to start from is nice, so You never need to go near there factory shite. tho it would be easier if you could just clear it all out and start fresh !!??

        There’s still bugs tho…. I can’t stop it sending cc messages to gear in the chain, even if its set to send nothing, and the “soft through” doesnt duplicate start/stop messages…. :/

  2. if they had more people at ROLAND with a good ear for music, then also the converter voicing and some other things would be developed quite differently.
    Not just the presets.

    1. Korg absolutely kills all other manufacturers when it comes to “interactive” chords. Their KARMA technology is still years beyond what anyone else has attempted. Even though it’s ten years old, it still amazes me.

      1. I own the newest Korg Kronos. And tons of other synths from vintage to brand new. I’ve had my Roland JD-Xi for a year, and it is the most bad ass huge sounding little monster ever made. Sure programming in menus is lame, but the little screen takes me back to my memories of programming my Ensoniq SQ-1plus. This Machine is not a toy. It is massive, and does its big brother a favor by showing the wold how amazing and fun synthesis can be. Because I love it so much I am buying a JD-Xa and will use them together. The JD-Xi’s drum machine and drum editing capabilities are so mind blowing I would pay $500 just for that alone its so good. BTW The Kronos has amazing sonic capability, but its presets are awful. Worse than awful. But, who cares about presets if you start every patch from basic waveforms every time.

  3. I totally agree with the comment from rachel. No pattern chain is laughable. All my old Ensoniqs dating back to 35 years ago had a sequencer and pattern chaining on them before Korg or Roland new how to put a sequencer and effects on any of their keyboards. Come on guys, this is a simple fix that your customers have been asking for since you introduced this piece of gear. Either your not listening, don’t give a damn, or cannot read.

  4. Does anyone knows when the next update comes out? I wonder if they will ever add more time options such as more measures instead of just 1,2, or 4 and maybe not just 4/4 … 3/4? I love my synth, but I just find it a bit limiting. Patten chain? Song mode?

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