MSTRKRFT & WMD Announce TRSHMSTR Eurorack Module

WMD has announced the TRSHMSTR, a new Euorack module that is the result of a collaboration between the design team at WMD and MSTRKRFT.

In the video, Jesse Keeler & Alex Puodziukas of MSTRKRFT share the story behind the WMD TRSHMSTR Eurorack module and then demonstrate how they use it.

Details on the module still to come.

5 thoughts on “MSTRKRFT & WMD Announce TRSHMSTR Eurorack Module

  1. Sounds cool but,,, it’s just a filter followed by distortion? They say there were no similar products on the market but very similar ideas have already been manifested by Cwejman/Elby?

    1. My thoughts exactly. I currently have my Black Market Modular Colour Palette setup in that exact manner. Typically the “Tweet” HPF that I’ll sometimes swap for the “Woof” LPF. From there it hits the WMD Variac Distortion and then into the WMD Wave Compiler.

      It’s a killer chain! But, it’s definitely been done.

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