BT – ‘Artifacture’

Synthesist and composer BT (Brian Transeau) has a new album, ‘_’, that’s a spiritual successor to his more instrumental-heavy albums, This Binary Universe and If the Stars Are Eternal So Are You and I.

Black Hole Recordings has released a music video for Artifacture, embedded above, as a preview of the new album. 

BT’s ‘_’ will be available Oct 14, 2016 via iTunes, Amazon and other retailers.


01 Tokyo
02 The Code Of Hammurabi
03 Lustral
04 Lost In Translation
05 nArtifracture
06 Indivisim
07 ?
08 Chromatophore
09 Five Hundred and Eighty Two

7 thoughts on “BT – ‘Artifacture’

  1. BT seems to out do himself each album he comes out with. This “piece” (for which he calls these songs, taken from a classical music compository term) and the “movements” within them (also taken from classical music as being sub-songs within a song) is not only reminiscent of some of his early works but also a style of reinvention & evolutionary progression of his music which sets the bar for many other artists. I am a big fan of Brian’s work & his ability to invent, push the envelope, his determination and vision really has him stand out in an artist crowd of mediocrity these days.

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