Novation Updates Launchpad for iOS


Today Novation announced a major new update to their Launchpad for iOS app.

Before this release, it was only possible to load preset sound packs. Launchpad for iOS v4.0 allows the user to make their own, build new remixes, explore sounds, edit pads and much more.

Audio Import* (IAP) is now also available for iPhone as an In-App Purchase. Users can now bring in your own custom sounds and loops “from almost anywhere” including Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, AudioCopy, AudioShare, Airdrop. Launchpad for iPad has also been updated to support iCloud, GoogleDrive, and many others. A full user folder management system helps manage a large amount of imported files.  Novation says “Audio Import marks a significant step forward” for Launchpad for iPhone.

novation_launchpad_for_iosPreviously only available on the iPad version, mobile music makers can now create their own remixes from scratch using the iPhone version of Launchpad for iOS.

With this latest update, electronic music makers can start new remixes from scratch, building new music from the “huge” sound library available (Over 100 sound packs to date). Users can easily search for sounds, tag favorite sounds, and then edit pads to create and share unique performances.

novation_launchpad-for-ios-with-iphone_and_ipadLaunchpad for iOS 4.0 features:

Launchpad for iPhone (Free Update)

  • Create new projects
  • Browse for sounds in your library and assign to pads
  • Search for sounds by Soundpack, Category, Type by BPM or name
  • Tag favorite sounds and filter by them
  • Edit Pad settings such as loop or trigger type, Sync type, Gain and Pan
  • iPhone 7 supported: Haptics support for FX, and panning added for stereo speakers

Launchpad for iPhone (In-App Purchase)

  • Import from almost anywhere Dropbox, AudioCopy, AudioShare, Airdrop
  • Create your own nested folders to manage your imported sounds
  • Manage move, delete, rename, and change categories
  • Assign to Favorite sounds
  • Edit Sound settings such as Default Volume, Category, and name

Launchpad for iPad (Free)

  • Panning per pad added
  • iPad Audio Imported Updated
  • Now import from many more sources including iCloud, GoogleDrive, as well as Dropbox, AudioCopy, AudioShare etc.

Pricing and Availability. Novation Launchpad for iOS 4.0 is available now, via the iOS App Store. Launchpad for iOS is free, with In-App purchases. Audio Import is $6.99, £4.99, €5.99.

Launchpad for iOS was created by Blocs, a development team that grew out of Focusrite and Novation. More information about Blocs, and the Launchpad for iOS app, on the Blocs website.

14 thoughts on “Novation Updates Launchpad for iOS

    1. could be a power issue, probably why they brought the usb3 adapter, which i hear has solved several user problems i have heard of

      1. Tx. I have it running via a (well) powered usb hub, so I can’t figure that would be an issue. What USB adapter are you speaking of?

  1. Audio import is an in-app purchase on iPad as well. The article seems to indicate it is free for iPad but this is not the case. AUD$10.99 for the Audio Import add on for me. Maybe it is just the way I am reading the article.

    1. I think whoever put article together did not proofread fully
      Audio import is extra on all their apps

      One thing to look at though is what apps that give you some kind of MPC style control with you own sample for free (and work somewhat decently)

      i wish they would included american app store links as well in article

  2. Would like to try it on iPad pro with my launchpad mini but señor iPad says it draws too much power, even with power supplied through the lightning splitter attachment

  3. Remember that Launchpad IOS is still essentially a free app that has been well supported. Paying a little for audio import still makes this program a bargain, and the soundpacks are cheap. I wish there was more flexibility with the MIDI sync (currently MIDI Out only) but this program works fine on my pre-Lightning iPad Gen 3 and is both easy to use and addictive. Launchpad IOS is supported by a lot of hardware options too but it performs well just as an iPad app. I use an Alesis IO Dock II for my iPad audio/MIDI interface with no problems.

    1. Hey! You can sync it to Ableton Link. And with the free app Midi Link Sync you can sync Ableton Link to MIDI in. So you can sync Launchpad to external MIDI.

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