Behringer DeepMind 12 Review (Prototype)

In the latest Sonic State Sonic Lab review, host Nick Batt takes a look at the upcoming Behringer DeepMind 12 polyphonic analog synthesizer.

The DeepMind 12 is still under development. Batt reviewed a prototype that is missing some features and has some fit/finish issues that Bheringer says will be improved in production models.

But, while there are still some details to be finalized, the core features of the DeepMind 12 are not expected to change before it goes into production. And Behringer expects that to happen before the end of this year.

The DeepMind 12 is shaping up to be a solid general-purpose analog polysynth, with pads being its strength. Batt notes a few weaknesses, including some play in the review model’s controls and the DM12’s lack of performance-oriented preset management. But the review makes clear that the DeepMind 12 is an impressive combination of power and affordability that establishes Behringer as a new option for synth buyers.

25 thoughts on “Behringer DeepMind 12 Review (Prototype)

  1. If Behringer gives me a DeepMind 12 synth for free, I will lower my endorsement fee slightly and let them use my name in magazine ads and let them put my name on every box.

  2. Excited to watch the review, but I wonder why they didn’t wait for a production model? If Behringer is still tweaking and polishing – doesn’t that affect the outcome of the review?

    1. According to Nick Batt the first version he saw of this instrument had veneered sides, but the one he showed in his previous video had solid wood ends. I did not quite get yet from what tree it was.

  3. Sometimes I wonder whether this synth will make production at all (would be a shame if it didn’t) as there are as yet no references whatsoever on the official Behringer site.

  4. I hate menu-diving but with this machine it might be very rewarding in the end. The effects push it into territories you can’t get into with other keyboards unless you have a massive effect rack.

    1. Yes, and the same company also offers the BCR2000, that may be used perfectly to address these hidden parameters 🙂
      Would be nice when they offer a package of Deepmind12 with one or two BCRs …

  5. I really wanted to like it. It offers a lot for a low price, but the oscillators and the filter don’t seem to be so impressive. I guess you’d have to play with one to know.

    It may be rose tinted glassesim looking through, but the 106 was kind of hard to make sound bad, and even though it was a lot more limited, it did what it did superbly well. Not sure this synth has shown me anything superb yet…

    I was going to pre-order but I almost just want another prophet 8 :/

    1. Exactly, the same thoughts are running around in my head. I had a P08 before, Now I have a dirt cheap S/H P06. And an MKS 7. I love my synths for soul. I want to support Behringer in this. But I’m not hearing the warmth of my other synths in the DM12, yet. Hmmm ?-)

    2. Clearly, the prowess and engineering feat by Midas to produce this synth, at such a price point (largely aided by Behringer’s Chinese manufacturing arm) is impressive. However, for me the compromises are too great. I would have preferred a greater price point if it would have meant better features and production quality. Granted Behringer now offers 3 year warranties on its entire product line which is unheard of save for Elektron.

      This will be a resounding success for Behringer, no doubt and it will force others to race to the bottom, whilst others will simply adjust their prices to compete. The former generally tends to produce inferior products whilst the latter is a welcomed change.

      I think I will stick to my Modulus 001 and 002. I don’t mind paying for quality.

  6. i think the real review will be in 5 years when we see the percentage of original run deepminds still in working condition.

    i do hope its a well built product though.

  7. so they started by basing it around a juno….but the one thing they didn’t do was get the juno chorus in this….really?
    ..come on Behringer if a roland boutique juno can do it digitally..YOU can right?

    firm ware update – ADD ROLAND juno type chorus – please.

    1. I know what you mean about the 106 chorus. I was a great sound. But, I’d much rather have the full-fledged and flexible FX they’ve added than one measly chorus preset. I would be shocked if you couldn’t get a reasonably close chorus effect with the FX, and/or the unison modes provided. With so many other more interesting ways to wiggle the pitch around, I think you are going to have to let that one go.

  8. fackin ace! can’t wait to try and then buy!!!!
    Then looking forward to Behringer’s coming DRUM MACHINE.
    This will no doubt smoke the competition too.
    Good on you behringer.
    I had faith as soon as i heard about it all.

  9. There is so much right about this synth. It has the correct keyboards size (no mini’s, not too large), to use it for live shows and it has great build in effects already, so you don’t need any other gear to carry around and plug into. Thats what I also like about my Blofeld Keyboard. I don’t care too much about the 8% a Juno 106 might still sound more analog/distinctive or just more Juno, because the sonic and fun possibilities with this one are just 600% beyond a Juno 106 (which I once owed, but sold, because I was bored of the sounds heard too often already). What I dislike is, that Behringer follows the Juno filter concept, I would have liked more options, but I understand, this would have made the synth more expensive and a lot of people will be very happy with this limitation already, especially as it rather looks like a “pad” machine conceptually, experimental freaks go for Eurorack modules anyway these days.

  10. I have had synths for 33 years. I have been keeping an eye on the market for synths for that period too. I remember the excitement of the first budget analogues with memories .
    This is the best period for synths. I do not understand the modular fetish in anyway shape or form. For me if it hasn’t got memories it is no good. . Anyhow all synths coming to market are great news for musicians . Price points are vital and this looks like a serious winner.
    One question for me is…..It has an internal fan? is it noisy?

  11. If you want a juno 106 with the chorus etc, do buy one. They cost about the same as the DM12. This one is much more next level than a boring old juno will ever be. Personally, I’d never consider the DM12 if it was just a juno replica.

  12. I like some patches I am hearing. Gorgeous warm bass, very Jupiter 8-ish in that area. HOWEVER, it only has 49 keys, which makes it a deal breaker for me. Such ashame, some of us actually play chords with the right hand and octave bass notes with the left.

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