Phasemaker – A New 6-Operator FM Synth For iOS


Developer Bram Bos let us know about a new FM synth he’s released for iOS, Phasemaker.

Phasemaker is the first 6-Operator FM Synth for iOS, building on the legacy of the FM synths that helped define the sound of the 80s. It’s also the first FM Audio Unit instrument (AUv3), so it works in leading mobile DAWs, including Auria, Cubasis, Modstep and AUM.

Here’s what Bos has to say about Phasemaker:

Frequency Modulation brings rich timbres and dynamic evolving sounds full of personality which are impossible to create with analog modelling. The 6-Operator architecture allows for lively multi-layered sounds with lots of expression and playability.

Phasemaker’s characteristic FM sound will add classic digital character to your mobile sonic arsenal which no other analog synth can bring.

Audio Demo:


  • Audio Unit v3 compatible
  • CoreMidi compatible standalone mode (with background audio)
  • Custom preset management; user presets available across AU hosts
  • Dozens of factory presets
  • 42 FM Algorithms (including all 32 DX7 layouts)
  • 12 Oscillators, including the 8 original TX81z waveforms
  • All 106 parameters can be automated using MIDI CC and AU Parameters
  • Vintage sounding chorus and reverb effects for classic ambiance

System requirements: iPad 4+, iPad Mini 2+, iOS 9 or higher

Pricing and Availability

Phasemaker is available now for US $9.99.

If you’ve used Phasemaker, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

15 thoughts on “Phasemaker – A New 6-Operator FM Synth For iOS

  1. Wow, having spent a fair amount of time with FM all the way back to the original DX7 and TX81Z, I have to say this is the most intuitive and easiest to program FM synth I’ve seen to date. Nice work!

  2. With this app can you specify the pan of the output? I want this to come out on its own on the R/L side so I can run two apps into my mixer for live performance.

    Definitely excited for the intensive midi support!

  3. Having done a lot of programming on the original DX-7, the biggest question I have is this: Does it have the original DX-7’s feature of selecting fixed pitch for each operator? That gave some amazing timbres.

  4. I’m not quite sold. Then again my sonic arsenal is already jam packed. I think little teaser apps (call them demos or light versions) should become more standard. I’ve already spent $50 on iOS apps this week. I want something a little more unique. Based off my impressions of the audio examples and screen shots, this should have been $2.99.

  5. It lacks recording sounds feature, that stops me from buying it. I cannot use it to create sounds in wave format or record live play like I can do it in other ios fm synths.
    Also it lacks free patching of oscillators to create unique algorithms like Mod7 in Korg Kronos can do.

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