Focusrite Control: Now Available For iOS


Today Focusrite announced that their desktop Control application is now available as a free iOS App. The app allows users to control their interfaces, adjusting cue mixes and preamp settings, remotely from an iPhone or iPad.

Focusrite iOS Control works with the Focusrite Control desktop application that comes with all Focusrite audio interfaces from the Scarlett 6i6 (2nd Gen) and up, (including the Clarett and Red) interface ranges. The iOS Control app gives the user complete control of hardware inputs, software playback, panning, solo and mute as well as the preamp settings on the interface – all from the iOS device.

The features the user can control depend on which Focusrite interface is in use. Configure input settings such as Mic/Line/Instrument mode or engage Air mode; and on a Red interface, access gain and other preamp settings such as stereo linking and phase reversal. View channel metering and “enjoy full control” over output levels. Control individual software playback and input monitor levels for each mix created in Focusrite Control. Adjust monitoring levels while sitting at the drum kit or in the vocal booth – and all from the iPhone or iPad.

focusrite_control_ios_ipad_screenshotFocusrite Control for iOS features include:

  • Control output levels
  • Control software playback levels and panning
  • Control hardware input levels and panning
  • Control mute and dim
  • View input and output metering
  • Control preamp features available on the connected Focusrite interface
  • Approve devices for control

Pricing and Availability. Focusrite iOS Control is a free app download, available now via the iTunes App Store. More information is available on the Focusrite website.


5 thoughts on “Focusrite Control: Now Available For iOS

  1. one thing i have to say about the word “focus” it is the one scene from american wedding, anyone who has seen it will agree that it is one of those wish i could forget images

  2. So it’s an iOS app to control a desktop app for hardware that otherwise works directly with iOS? Alllllmost nailed it.

    1. almost ..except the ios using hardware owners have spent 4 years requesting an app to control the interface settings directly from ipad , without needing intermediary computer , & Focusrite release this INSTEAD !!

      1. but then that recently retired generation of interfaces had so many issues with ipad Core audio , I guess the app wouldnt have been much use anyway .
        I dont normally trashtalk , but Focusrite have not lived up to their promises with their Dedication to IOS hardware compatability, bugfixes & software.

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