6 thoughts on “Free TR-626 HD Sample Pack

  1. Like we need any more new cold digital drum machines in the world today. Listen to your customers roland! Analogue is ALWAYS better. If you are a real musician like us synthtopia readers you need that warmth. Stop this va BS please

  2. My very first drum machine, bought new when I was 16. This thing. I hated it. It couldnt afford anything else once I had it. The sounds were just dire, suitable for nothing. Back then the idea that it held samples sold me on it. They were still novel back then. But bloody hell what a wedge of shite it was. I ended up using it as a pattern sequencer for multitracking . Sync it to tape and then use its Trigger out to the SH101, use the pads as sequence inputs for basslines on my CZ101. The 80s were a harsh time for the low waged synthesist.

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