The CV.OCD Is A ‘Super-Flexible’ MIDI To CV Box


The CV.OCD is a device which converts MIDI signals to the Control Voltage (CV) and Trigger/Gate signals, which can be used to control traditional analog synthesizers and modular synthesizers.

As well as doing this useful bit of “plumbing”, CV.OCD is designed to open up some creative options that go beyond what a simple MIDI-CV converter can usually do. 

CV.OCD has four assignable “continuous” analog CV outputs and twelve assignable gate/trigger outputs.

It has powerful functionality for generating clock, trigger and non-note gates from MIDI information.

Each of the FOUR analog CV outputs have 0-8V output level and 12-bit resolution and be assigned to any of:

  • Note pitch (1V/octave)
  • Note velocity
  • Controllers (CC)
  • Pitch bend
  • Channel aftertouch
  • Tempo
  • Fixed voltage

Each of the 12 gate outputs has 5V output level and can be assigned to any of:

  • Note on/off
  • Note velocity above threshold
  • Controller (CC) crossing threshold
  • MIDI clock (with divider/offset and transport gate)
  • MIDI transport states/events (start/stop/running etc)

CV.OCD allows to group pitch and gate outputs to achieve configurations like:

  • Play up to four monosynths together like a single polysynth by playing chords on a single MIDI channel
  • Play multiple synths cyclically with consecutive notes going to different synths
  • Implement keyboard splits to control bass and lead synths in different ranges of same keyboard

With the 12 gates you can:

  • Map specific MIDI notes to specific gate outputs for triggering drum machines etc,
  • Apply velocity threshold to get an accent trigger based on the MIDI velocity or trigger different gates depending on velocity
  • Output divided and offset pulse clocks to mess with time itself.

The device is configured by MIDI system exclusive patches, which you can create using a web based configuration page. Onces installed on the device, the patch is saved during power cycles.

CV.OCD has a standard 5-pin DIN MIDI input with optical isolation. There is also a 3.5mm stereo jack MIDI input which is compatible with Novation, Arturia and other devices which use a “hot tip” configuration (For Korg devices you need to use the 5-pin input). Only one of the MIDI inputs may be used at a time.

Pricing and Availability

CV.OCD is available now for US $95 plus shipping.

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15 thoughts on “The CV.OCD Is A ‘Super-Flexible’ MIDI To CV Box

  1. Yamaha CS series and earlier Korg synths use Hz/V for control of the oscillators, not 1v/octave like most other brands.

  2. Have been very happily using’s Shuttle Control in my small-ish 6U for nearly a year, but this is seriously a great value at under $100. Shuttle Control is more flexible, has more outputs, can store 16 different presets of those outputs, AND also powers my rack… but at more than 4x the price.

    If (read: when) I get to the point that I need to free up 12hp, replacing Shuttle Control with this little guy seems like a pretty obvious move.

  3. Holy crap, this is perfect for me and that’s an awesome price. I’m just about to take the Eurorack plunge and was planning to make my Microbrute do all the translating from my DAW until I pick up an ES-4 or a BeatStep Pro or something… but this is almost ideal. (I’d personally rather have 8 CVs/8 gates, and maybe even built-in clocked LFOs controlled by CC… but for $100 I can’t complain at all.)

  4. Nice options here for a really great price!

    Though i’m still dreaming of an external MIDI>CV/CV>MIDI box with lots of channels (12in/12outs), handling clocks and why not built-in LFOS etc.. à la, with DIN+USB midi.

    I know there is the Expert Sleepers stuff, but I’d like not to be forced to use a computer (and i’d need to buy a new audio interface supporting ADAT in & out..).

  5. I would like to know if the 1V/Octave outputs can be ‘fine adjusted’ by internal trimmers or by the web editor in future firmwares.

    Now I am using the Moog MP-201 for this task and one feature that I find really useful is that you can increase/decrease this volt conversion to match a perfect tracking in some devices. I.e. 0.997V/Octave or 1.024/Octave.

    I didn’t find any email for asking this question to the developer in the manual nor web site.I don’t have Tweeter/Facebook so I hope he could read this post 😀

    1. Hi – There are no trim pots to adjust the CV gain but I am looking to allow some scaling and offset adjustment in a future firmware update.
      Jason (@hotchk155)

    1. ..more on the way (1-2 weeks). There is a waitlist option on the Tindie shop page that will email you when its back in stock.

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