Elektron Analog Heat Effects Processor Now Available

elektron-analog-heat-isoElektron has announced that the Analog Heat – a hardware effects processor that features 8 different analog stereo distortion circuits, a stereo analog multi-mode filter and a stereo analog EQ – is now available. .


  • Eight stereo analog distortion circuits — The eight stereo analog distortion circuits have been designed to provide excellent sound shaping opportunities, as well as to fully complement each other. They are capable of applying everything from warm tape-like saturation to harsh over-the-top distortion.
  • Filter, EQ, modulation — To further affect incoming signals, the stereo analog multi-mode filter and the 2 band stereo analog EQ are available. Modulation sources include an assignable envelope and an assignable LFO, making it easy to create rhythmical textures and re-shape beats.
  • Overbridge — The Overbridge technology brings the sound and capabilities of the Analog Heat to DAW environments. Connect the Analog Heat to a computer via USB and use it just like a VST/AU effect plug-in. Overbridge makes analog processing of individual sounds, tracks and even complete mixes a fully integrated and rewarding experience. Note that Overbridge support is expected to be available ‘soon’.

Pricing and Availability

The Elektron Analog Heat is available now for US $749 USD/799 EUR/£679 GBP. See the Elektron site for details.

20 thoughts on “Elektron Analog Heat Effects Processor Now Available

  1. It is not expensive at all if you want an analogue distortion (8 circuits), very nice analogue filter and EQ etc (all controllable with envelopes and LFO to get compression and wah type effects). From what I have heard (sonic state video) it is a very high quality 2 channel pre-amp (the lowest saturation setting being like an analogue desk) with USB audio interface and ‘overbridge’ so you can use ‘real analogue’ as a plug in VST. I cant think of anything else even close to this for the money (Thermionic Culture The Culture Vulture Stereo Valve Distortion Unit is £1500 and finds it way in to a lot of studios, Sherman Filterbank 2 is nearly £600 just for a filter…)- putting this as a plug in effect on a ‘VA’ VSTi will I think give it a real analogue flavour/warmth, which is surely the holey grail with digital!

    1. I would definately get a Sherman Filterbank over this for the price. 2 filters, FM, AM and overdrive. Or just use the A4 which has some of the Heat built in already. The same overdrivable multimode filter at least, and you can sequence the filtering. Plus Overbridge is pretty buggy so it’s a frustrating selling point. I know, I have the A4 and Rytm, it adds 30+ms of latency to a project and is fairly glitchy. I mostly just use it for patch recall if at all anymore.

  2. This is the brute the drumbrute was looking for. Will look great next to my dark trinity. Buying this tonight after work.

  3. I don’t get why people see this as “very expensive”, there are very few properly stereo distortion units available, those usually only contain one or two types of distortion and cost a lot more than this. This has eight different kinds and adds modulation plus audio interface functionality.

    Buying a power supply, cables and sixteen quality distortion stomp boxes (or even only eight for mono operation) would cost a lot more, take up a a lot more space, no modulation, no proper stereo controls or indeed any kind of stereo matching, no usb…

    1. I don’t get it either. People will pay many hundreds or thousands for each and every synth or drum machine that comes out instead of buying a box like this that can be used to breathe new life into the gear you already have. Seems like a no-brainer. Basically this is a fantastic sounding synth with no oscillators. AND it’s a sound card

  4. I’ve coined the terms. Your heard them here first – ‘Distorted Dub Techno’ on their ‘Dark Quadrilogy’ rigs.

  5. I would have been first in line for this had they put in a sequencer. Without it, I too believe it is too expensive. I would much rather spend a little more and get several different Distortion devices and a stereo filter then getting all of your distortions from one company.
    I have lost a lot of love for Elektron over the past year as they seem to not listen to the wants of a lot of their customers. There are lots of people asking for an updated version of the Octatrack or a new synth to replace it but instead they stop making all there old cool synths and replace it with a distortion box. In some regards it’s a good thing as people got a taste of what is capable and now other manufacturers will hopefully step up where Elektron is coming up short.

  6. This may be a silly question, but are the effects stackable, or is it one at a time only?

    Maybe their next promo video would be more effective (and interesting) if it wasn’t about fire dancers (which I absolutely hate).

  7. I don’t see a market for this, whose the target audience? Rich Guitar players? Line 6 has stuff like this for less money. Maybe I’m wrong and Electron has created a new category in desktop instruments that everyone else in the industry will follow suit.

  8. Didn’t think much of this when it was announced. But the sonic lab video of it blew me away. Very cool. Would also make a great bass pedal w/foot switch and bank storage. Impressive device. For what it is the price makes sense.

  9. Played with this at ADE, I was a bit skeptic, but DAMN this really is something.. The filters (and EQ) are sweet, overbridge is handy, sounds fantastic, and for 7 stereo (?) distortion-modes it’s not ‘that’ expensive.

    Also check out the sonic lab vid for a way better impression

  10. Upset at Elektron? There head and shoulders ahead of the pack, watch the sonic state review I’ve just ordered mine, can’t wait to put reaktor blocks through this baby, or softube modular or damn it oscillot.

    1. Can’t wait to get this, perfect for itb productions as distortion is the weakest link when producing itb imo.

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