The Chemical Brothers’ Entire Catalog Back On Vinyl


The Chemical Brothers (Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands) have announced that their entire catalog of eight studio albums will soon be available again on vinyl.

The band’s first seven albums have been unavailable on vinyl for some time, and join the latest release Born In The Echoes and 1999’s Surrender, both already available on vinyl.

UK editions will be available on November 18th and are available for pre-order.

Astralwerks will also release a U.S. ONLY limited edition colored vinyl of each album, available December 9. The hand-numbered, limited edition colored vinyl will be followed by standard black vinyl on December 23.

The U.S. limited editions are available for pre-order now at Amoeba and at local indie retailers:

  • Exit Planet Dust (1995) – Clear Vinyl
  • Dig Your Own Hole (1997) – Solid White Vinyl
  • Surrender (1999) – Solid Blue Vinyl
  • Come With Us (2002) – Solid Red Vinyl
  • Push The Button (2005) – Transparent Blue Vinyl
  • We Are The Night (2007) – Soda Bottle Clear Vinyl
  • Further (2010) – Transparent Green Vinyl

6 thoughts on “The Chemical Brothers’ Entire Catalog Back On Vinyl

  1. *looks at picture with article*

    what the hell when they did they get ol–

    *looks at self*


  2. There’s a mistake in the original description: “Audio has been cut from the original lacquers.”

    Lacquers _are_ the vinyl masters, they are the cuts. It should say “Lacquers were cut from the original masters etc etc.”

    Aside from that lil’ slip, good news all around!

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