11 thoughts on “DIY Pringles Can MIDI Drum Kit

  1. Since (as it says above) it is velocity sensing, I’d be inclined to do a more rugged trigger mounting– under a drum pad or similar. Might require some gain adjustment one way or another.

    A quick scan of the parts shows about $50-60 in parts– if you have some of those parts lying around, then that might save. There are a number of time-investments, for example, I’ve never programmed a microcontroller, so I don’t know if I’d get stuck there. But for the money, it’d be hard to find a 4 channel trigger and you’d have the satisfaction of making your own customized rig.

  2. I don’t have the skills to make this! If someone can make this for me and sell it to me, I’d be very grateful! Let me know if you can and I’ll give you my info and pay you for it and for your troubles doing so!! Email me please! Thanks!

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