ACPAD Acoustic Guitar MIDI Controller Now Available

ACPAD CEO Robin Sukroso let us know that the ACPAD wireless MIDI controller for acoustic guitar is now available.

The ACPAD lets you play instruments, control effects, record and trigger loops, trigger samples and control your DAW, wirelessly, from an acoustic guitar.

He also shared this live video demo, which captures him jamming with an ACPAD-augmented guitar.

ACPAD has an adhesive surface that attaches to your guitar, without any screws, wires or permanent alterations made to your guitar. It can be removed and replaced without leaving any residue.


  • 8x touch pads
  • 10x preset buttons
  • 2x looper channels
  • 2x slider faders
  • Approx 15 hours of use on a charge

Pricing and Availability

The ACPAD is now available for €449.

3 thoughts on “ACPAD Acoustic Guitar MIDI Controller Now Available

  1. I don’t see any video showing nylon-string guitars, which are smaller. Will this synth fit them? would it work well?

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