Teenage Engineering OP-1 Updated With New Operating System

Teenage Engineering OP-1

Teenage Engineering has released a new operating system for its OP-1 synthesizer.

It’s a free upgrade, adding user requests, as well as introducing a number of completely new features. 

Here’s what’s new:

  • arpeggio sequencer added.
  • voltage synth added.
  • tape loops now automatically crossfaded.
  • tape effect chop twice as short + also works at tape start/stop position and across loop wrap.
  • FM radio press green encoder to autotune.
  • endless sequencer extended to 128 steps.
  • tremolo LFO updated with extra waveforms.
  • PO sync mode added.
  • tempo nudge when running on external tempo.

See the Teenage Engineering site for details.

29 thoughts on “Teenage Engineering OP-1 Updated With New Operating System

  1. I feel exactly the same, except that I disliked the 4-track tape recorder – but as a creative sonic tool it was truly excellent, beautifully designed & built, AND they regularly push real firmware improvements which is a HUGE PLUS!! Mucho kudos for these new features.

      1. You two may have missed the blink icon. Leslie was more likely being ironic…But his sons Nintendo may run Korg DS-10, DSN-12 and M01, so I really don’t know (I’ve tried to add a blink icon here, meaning something entirely different).

  2. Such a wonderful piece of gear, and One of my favorite things in the studio. The only limit with what you can do with it is your imagination. That being said, I can’t wait to download the new OS and mess around with it.

    1. The OP-1 one has always impressed me, both as a concept, and with its excellent execution of that concept.

      The only thing “toy-like” about it is that it fills me with child-like wonder– and it looks like LOADS of fun.

      The price and lack of velocity sensing keys are the two obstacles for me. But that doesn’t stop me from appreciating an innovative product when I see/hear one.

  3. Love reading the bad comments from those who never used one. There are hardly any of these being resold on ebay and there is a reason for that. People like toys, a lot. And when you can buy a NORD or a KORG or a MOOG and they all give you very similar parameters with realitively no difference besides the name and an amount of warmth the naked ear couldnt distinguish from another, people start flip flopping to see whats better. When you buy an OP-1, you know there is nothing else like it and you realize how powerful it is. Then you hear albums produced solely with it, drums, synths, Lfo’s effects and tracking, then you realize that your only calling it a toy our of sheer arrogance. Its like those “As seen on TV” devices. “It slices, it dices”. Well, it samples, it has 4 tracks, it has about 8 or 9 synth engines now, it ARP’s, it has multiple sequencers, effects, ADSR, and a tape recorder that transfers your tracks individually or as a stereo track through USB, super fast i might add. But, its just a toy since its SUPER FUN. Elektrons are not toys, they aint fun either.

    1. Was with you till the end there. You’re probably the only person I know who couldn’t figure out how to have fun with an electron box.

  4. That’s real customer service and product support! Roland and Korg could learn from Teenage Engineering. My Fantom G6 is stuck with a patch librarian who can’t handle multi sample and USB drivers that don’t work with anything newer than Windows 7 or OSX Lion. Korg still sells it’s flagship Kronos with an OS built in 1995. Roland and Korg are abbandoning their products every three to five yaers.

    1. That’s because Roland and Korg are driven by profit (love for the money and investors) where Teenage Engineering is driven by love for the technology and music.

  5. game changer update:
    crossfading alone was sorely needed.
    love the new presets and synth engine.
    lfo will be extremely usable as well.

    but no more clicks and pops, thank buddha.

    this, a volca sample and an ipad. pretty much all u need.

  6. Holy CWO! I pretty much forgot I had one of these stowed away! Time to dusted off and revisit it. Glad I held on to it. It’s the user Lymtronic’s who gives me hope as to why i didn’t sell the machine. 100% OP1 productions, yet sounds polished while maintaining the inherit OP1 digital warmth. Wonder if he’s still active. I’m sure others at operator1 have matured since i last was active. Keep rocking guys!

  7. I like my OP-1 quite a bit. However, it is definitely time for an OP-2 utilizing the newer technology and more memory for samples, 8 tracks, etc. They are showing a junky TV remote looking synth at the shows but one of my favorite things about the OP-1 is the display. As far as the Pocket Operators, they are 10 cents worth of Mouser parts and disposable junk.

    1. POs are 1/10th of the price of the OP-1 and they’re fun…
      But not interesting if you have an OP-1 already.
      I have a few friends who like them quite a bit and who didn’t want to invest 900 bucks for the OP-1.

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