28 thoughts on “Free App Puts A Piano In The 2016 MacBook Pro Touch Bar

  1. Ok it is just funny but really unusable in any way. A touch sensitive stripe that thin is either for a tiny monkey or korg users (grabs popcorn)

    1. How large does a touch strip need to be to recreate a row of customizable function buttons?

      And this is a free app that adds some functionality that wasn’t there before.

      I swear you people bitch just to hear yourselves talk.

      1. i think the point would be that this underpins the “gimmickness” of the touchbar for which we are obliged to shell out some 500 clams more. hashtag courage.

        1. You are not “obliged” to do anything.

          Buy a different laptop, if you don’t like the design features of this one.

          I would bet that once you use the “gimmick” with software made to take advantage of it, it might be useful.

    1. I think I’m going to take screen shot of your comment and email it to Tim Crook. Nothing I’ve read better encapsulates succinctly at how Apple has failed to live up to its reputation.

  2. wish apple would loose the screen and just go with the typing keys and touch strip, it’s that intuitive. i mean the implications on graphic design alone, i used to do all my design on my iPhone but i’m switching to the touch strip. 😉

    1. Jokes aside, this is one step into the direction where the entire keyboard will be replaced with a “touch surface”. they only need to make sure you can feel the gaps between keys (force feedback), they are pretty far with that already and then all we need is one screen which to type on, to swipe on and to view at. Probably it will also support writing on (as on the ipad pro already). They would obviously loose the other screen which becomes then obsolete… and if augmented reality ever takes off, no-one ever needs a screen anymore.

  3. Does it work with all the screen issues that are occurring causing people to have to return their new Mac? Apple had to extended their return window due to issues across their new line where the screen goes all crazy and glitches out and crash.

    1. Apple has an extended return period every year for any product sold in their stores or online that typically runs between late Nov through Jan 8. It has nothing to do with the MacBook Pros. My friend works in Apple retail at the Genius Bar and hasn’t seen a noticeable uptick in customer issues with graphical glitches. I’ve seen the YouTube videos though, so I’m sure it’s an issue affecting some customers. Hopefully Apple releases a software update to fix it soon. It’s probably a Radeon graphics driver issue.

  4. If only there was a device that allowed us to use a whole screen to touch instead of a little bar. Oh well… maybe in the next century.

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