Creating Novation Circuit Custom Synth Patches

In his latest video, synthesist Cuckoo takes a look at creating and editing custom synth patches for the Novation Circuit.

The Circuit is designed to be a compact and powerful groovebox, offering two independent synth engines. But, while the Circuit offers 8 knobs to tweak existing patches, in-depth editing is done with a free patch editor.

Download the Circuit editor at Isotonik Studios you can do patch management using the Novation Components site.

13 thoughts on “Creating Novation Circuit Custom Synth Patches

  1. I have a problem with the Isotonik editor. It is nice to have it, but for some reason it is quirky…I can’t explain it. For instance, without going into detail, when I assign modulations to the macros, they don’t reflect either immediately or at all. Just strange. it would be cool to have the in-depth total editing done on the hardware unit (think Circuit V2 hardware) or at least a better software editor (think of one that is as solid, clearly organized, & excellent as Novation’s own Ultranova editor)

  2. I also find the editor a bit cumbersome. The Circuit is a really fun little device but I wish there was some way if editing patches from the front panel. I’m on the fence about keeping mine for this reason but I might just to sequence other gear.

    1. well you can alter the sounds from stand alone
      BUT agree that it’s stand alone mode needs some improvements when doing sound creation
      it is one thing when you have a sequencer already there with some decent sound
      BUT try to create anything from RAW start, it is almost impossible to find a decent sound to create with in stand alone mode
      AND that is the reason why i got it, because unlike the other popular music makers which look nice REQUIRE a computer to work

  3. It does seem like quite a lot of editing could actually be built into the unit itself. In some ‘patch edit’ mode, the pads jump you from synth section to section (pad 1 == OSC 1, pad 2 == OSC2, etc). The 8 knobs then become the main controls for that section. If you look at the Isotonik editor, most sections have 8 or fewer controls. The mod matrix would probably be too much for basic OSC, FLT, AMP and LFO edits that cover 85% of the sound editing use cases out there, seems to me like on-device editing is at least possible. Bring up the editor when you need to adjust the macro knobs or go beyond in other ways.

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