Free ‘Oneshots’ Ableton Library From Symplesound

Austin-based producer Francis Prève has shared a free collection of oneshots for Ableton Live at his Symplesound site.

Oneshots Volume 1 is a free Ableton library of classic instruments and drum machines in one-shot format.

Based on Live packs from Preve’s blog, these libraries now include loops for the sustained leads and pads, intuitive macros, integrated effects, and royalty-free MIDI clips to use as starting points for new productions.

“From 2011 to 2015, I released quite a few C3-based instruments on my blog,” explains Preve. “Now that I’m focused on Symplesound, I wanted to improve those packs by adding the same features found in our retail libraries – while continuing to make these new, improved versions available for free.”

In addition to Oneshots Volume 1, Symplesound is offering a 25% discount on all products for the rest of December 2016. See the site for details.

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