Free Algorithmic Loop Sequencer, FLOWs

Producer Tim Exile has released FLOWs – an algorithmic loop sequencer.

It features 1GB+ of royalty-free loops, curated from Exile’s improvised jams from the last 5 years. FLOWs lets you explore, mutate and create sonic structures, with audio-reactive sculpting and stochastic modulation. 

Here’s an example of FLOWs in action:


  • Layer and cross-modulate up to 4 loops at once with filters and envelopes that follow the sonic imprint of each loop.
  • Switch between loops mid-way without losing sync. Modulate loop switching with random and cyclical LFOs.
  • Layer multiple loops without phase distortion and clashing bass using Clearsum.

FLOWs is a free download. Reaktor Player is required.

Check it out and let us know what you think of it in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Free Algorithmic Loop Sequencer, FLOWs

  1. free sounds good, until you see you need something else.
    looks like player can used for free (has limitations)
    I get more annoyed at the ones which say free BUT require a program or app that COST MONEY to work

    Just like to point out the weird reality

  2. Such a reality becomes weirder if you consider that the computer one might use costs a substantial amount, as well as the electricity and the infrastructure delivering said electricity. This only scratches the surface. E.g., some sort of shelter in which to store the computer and perhaps live might be required. What about the food required to sustain the human using the computer? It just goes on and on…

    Meanwhile, Tim Exile has produced this and is giving it away at no direct cost to the downloader. There is some cost to himself, but this is a marketing expense. This is the type of advertising I really appreciate!

    1. I was more or less picking on the headline which should point out where it goes to.
      One thing i have notice about allot of post on here is that headline can be misleading (the one I do not like is these multi I/O interfaces which say something like 24 in and out but that is in a form other than ANALOG, sorry but I like to bring a dozen analog devices into my computer or iPad to record and when I try looking at some you hit these walls of limitations that is in fine print)

      Now as far as this app it does look cool and would be neat to try, just wish syntopia would say “free app for use in,,”
      just go back a few pages of post and see how it is not done so you have to click though to find out it is for a certain program or operating system or device
      just look for better clarity that’s all

      1. I swear to god that if someone handed members of this page $100, people would complain that they had to provide their own wallet to put it in.

  3. sounds awesome, many thanks Tim!

    Reaktor is worth the cost and is an industry standard in it’s category. and there’s loads more unbelievable ‘free’ creations on the NI Reaktor user forum as well.

  4. This is all very well, but am I actually playing someone else’s music/ideas with this creation? Like every other free algorithmic software… ‘How to sound just like everyone else in a few easy steps’….

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