Reactable Rotor Tangible Music Controllers Now Available

Reactable has announced that its Rotor Controllers Set – a pair of tangible music controllers that work in conjuction with their Rotor iPad app – are now available. 

Here’s their official intro video:

The Rotor controllers are designed specifically for the Rotor app, running on 9.7 and 7.9 inch iPads. They let you control 2 virtual Rotor modules simultaneously.

Each controller behaves as a moveable knob that can be placed on top of any virtual sound module or any 2D panel, providing tangible control.

Rotor App Features:

  • Automatic real-time key detection of your loops and wavefiles, allows to play them either as masters, thus determining the tonality of the whole session, or as slaves, thus adapting them to this computed tonality.
  • Up to 9 simultaneous voices using loops, samplers, synthesizers and line input, plus any combination of effects and controllers.
  • Create patches on the fly combining up to 24 simultaneous modules. Modulate any parameter.
  • Control everything using multi-touch gestures plus the optional ROTOR controllers (can be purchased separately).
  • App-to-App audio routing using Audiobus. Import/export audio samples with other apps using the pasteboard.
  • Ableton Link integration allows to play in perfect sync with Ableton Live running in your laptop, as well as with other Ableton Link compatible iOS apps running in other devices. Combine multiple
  • ROTOR instances running on separate iPads.
  • Change the tempo of your session without affecting its pitch.
  • Additional Swing and Tap tempo control.
  • The automatic real-time key detection of loops and sound files can also be applied to ROTOR’s synths, samplers, sequencers and virtual keyboards, insuring that no note will ever be out of key.
  • Configure manually up to 6 additional tonalities or chords, that will also affect the tonal content of keyboards and sequencers.
  • Record and save loops on-the-fly and integrate them into your performance, without interrupting the music and creative flow. Save them for exporting them to other applications.
  • MIDI IN settings allows any object to receive external control from a different user-selectable MIDI port/channels.
  • Use the iPad accelerometer for controlling any module parameter.
  • Use built-in loops or import your own, in WAV or OGG format.
  • Use sampler presets or import your own in SF2 format.
  • Contextual help and 100+ pages interactive manual with 30+ demos and tutorials.

Pricing and Availability

The Rotor app is available for US $6.99 in the App Store. The Rotor Controller Set is available for 39.90 €.

11 thoughts on “Reactable Rotor Tangible Music Controllers Now Available

  1. I think this needs clarification,- the entry says the “The Rotor controllers are designed specifically for the Rotor app, running on 9.7 and 7.9 inch iPads.”, but the video demo appears to show an IPAd pro 12.9 ? Maybe I have got this wrong though.

    1. just checked this out on Reactable site “” These ROTOR controllers have been specifically designed for 9.7” and 8” iPads. Their performance will be suboptimal on the 12” iPad pro. A new set of controllers specially designed for the 12” iPad Pro will come soon. “

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