STD Testing With The Lil’ Monster

In this video, Jesse McCreadie, synth module designer at AniModule, shares his new STD (Syncopated Timing Disruptor).

In the demo video, Animodule Lil’ Monster VCOs are being controlled by Logic Gates going in to Mixers, then the voltage attenuated as desired.

The STD is a Dual Channel Tap Tempo Clock with CV controllable Divisions / Multiplications. Tap in a tempo, or patch in a gate, and then you’ve got two channels of gates, running at musicall useful divisions/multiplications of the input tempo.

The two channels can be used independently or together, and the module also includes loic functions for combining the two channels.

Pricing and Availability

The STD is available now for US $179 at the AniModule site.

10 thoughts on “STD Testing With The Lil’ Monster

  1. jesse is a fun and pretty weird (in a lovely way) guy, i’m pretty sure it’s got its name on purpose 😀 the std is an ace module, you’d need quite a few bits to achieve what it does and it’s only 6hp. definitely getting this one!

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