Behringer DeepMind 12 Now Available

We have not seen any official announcement on this yet, but it looks like the Behringer DeepMind 12 is now shipping.

European music gear retailer Thomann lists the DeepMind 12 as ‘ready for shipping’, priced at 1,198 € (including VAT & shipping). In the US, Sweetwater says that they will have the first US shipment of the US $999 DeepMind 12 analog synthesizer in early January.

Here’s a set of hands-on demos of the DeepMind 12 synthesizer:


  • Velocity- and aftertouch-enabled 49-note keyboard
  • 12-voice mono-timbral analog polysynth
  • 2 DCOs per voice, Noise generator
  • DCO sync and voice unison detune options
  • 256 presets; 1024 patch memory locations arranged in 8 banks of 128
  • 2/4-pole lowpass filter, additional highpass filter
  • 3 envelopes: VCA, VCF, and assignable Mod
  • Each voice features an independent LFO
  • Unison mode with detune fader
  • Extensive 8-bus modulation matrix
  • 4 integrated digital effects engines with 4 parts and over 30 types of FX
  • Hard-wire effects bypass
  • Arpeggiator/32-step sequencer with gate-time control
  • LCD display with encoder, navigation switches, and data slider
  • CV/pedal input to connect with modular systems
  • All parameters controllable via Wi-Fi, editable via PC and tablet apps
  • USB, MIDI connections

38 thoughts on “Behringer DeepMind 12 Now Available

    1. They are wooden but, does it really matter? Real wood will not make DCOs analog…
      In other words, I can plug in my iPad into one of the countless VCF modules available on the market today and make it sound just as “Analog” as Behringer is 😉

      1. A DCO is analog. Or at the very least hybrid. If you can ever find an ipad app that can sound as ‘analog’ as a JX8P, i’ll eat my metaphorical hat. Also, well-implemented digital hardware is pretty great in its own right, and the Deepmind looks nothing if not well-implemented.

        1. Well, the DeepMind sounds more digital than analog, regardless of the DCOs. Very good synth for a wide creative palette for pads, fx, arps, etc, but not very present and ballsy for leads/basses. The real VCOs in the current Korg analogs are fat and present in comparison. Still, the DeepMind is a great buy and a huge new step forward for analog tech.

    1. Wow. That’s pretty unscrupulous. These images are the renders Uli posted to Gearslutz “for feedback” a while ago, for those who may not know. As of now there is NO announcement, prototype, or concrete future plans for such a unit. Anyone who says otherwise is just speculating. Which is fine, provided it is clearly labeled as speculation, which this sale listing isn’t.

      1. It’s becoming common practice that retailers list gear once somebody posts a blurry jpg to the web, even if the piece of gear is still just a vague plan. Then people get angry at the manufacturer for not delivering something that is listed on the shop as a pre-order… feeling they robbed them of their money, while it’s really only the retailer’s doing…
        If even a huge corp like Behringer has a hard time dealing with this type of thing… imagine the small makers…

    1. For King Kong these would be mini-mini keys so I don’t think he is interested. Korg, on the other hand, has a King Korg that sounds very nice so I too think they don’t have anything to worry about.

      Sorry, couldn’t resist 😉

    1. Actually, in Europe, we’re going to pay it 250$ more than you, although Behringer is a German company hahahaha. Remember, on every product there’s an “omg why you live in Europe” tax, so that we’re charged with about a 10-20% on the final US price. The same goes with smartphones and a lot of tech stuff.

  1. Looks to me similar as the original teaser videos. I’ll believe it when it is actually in the stores. And what about the tabletop version?

    1. From Uli Behringer’s statement regarding the desktop version from back in November:
      “While this is a working sample, we have not yet decided if we will actually put it in production.”
      Maybe they’ll bring the desktop prototype to NAMM, and release it in the spring/summer after they’ve seen the sales figures from the initial few runs of the keyboard version… Who knows?

    2. Just found out:
      The Behringer Deepmind 12 keyboard version is now officially listed by Meinl / Music group, the owner of Behringer, on their website. As yet the only entry in a new section “Synthesizers and Samplers”. Delivery dates shouted by music stores range from January till March 2017, so that is still an open question. Prices listed by various music stores range a little bit between 1170 and 1310 (which seems to be the adviced retail price) euros (in Europe 🙂 ).

  2. I am waiting to see how available “now” really is.
    In all realty I can’t see the vast majority of orders being fulfilled until the and of July 2017 but we shall see.
    Long term reliability and service issues should prove interesting to watch.
    When many people realize this synth isn’t the second coming and it hits the second hand market (and it will) what are resale prices going to be like on an item that is so readily available.
    It doesn’t sound to shabby at all but I’d rather play smart and hedge my bets on the secondhand market at the end of 2107.

      1. I got an email from my guy at Sweetwater at the beginning of the week that my DM12 will be shipping in a couple of days. He was very excited.

    1. I can’t wait that long. By 2107 I’ll be dead and gone …
      (Just to make fun of a typo and indicate what happens when you get overexcited about a new toy 🙂 )

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