Behringer Teases $899 DeepMind 12 Desktop Synthesizer

behringer-deepmind-12-rackmount-synthesizerIt looks like Behringer has been listening to Synthtopia readers.

Back in August, we asked if Behringer should make a DeepMind 12 Desktop synth. And more than 200 of you weighed in.

Today, CEO Uli Behringer shared this image of the DeepMind 12 Desktop synth. It’s a working prototype of their upcoming polyphonic analog synthesizer in a desktop format.

Here’s what he has to say about the DeepMind 12 Desktop:

I like to share with you the prototype of the DeepMind12 desktop version.

While this is a working sample, we have not yet decided if we will actually put it in production. In order to achieve an attractive sales price that is below the keyboard version, we would require substantial production volume.

Perhaps you could share with us what your level of interest is if the product would be available at around US$ 899.



Interested in a 12-voice polyphonic analog desktop synth for $899? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

153 thoughts on “Behringer Teases $899 DeepMind 12 Desktop Synthesizer

  1. Behringer should stop teasing and focus on releasing the DeepMind 12 instead. It’s not very hard to release a desktop version of a keyboard synth. 😉

    1. You mean except for a new circuit board, new case, and new manufacturing tooling to build and assemble them? Training for any workers involved in assembling? Yes other than all that it’s “easy”

      1. The voice board hasn’t changed, nor has most of the firmware and the control layout (save for the fact that they’ve changed the position of the controls).

        My point remains the same. I’m tired of them repeatedly announcing this synth.

      2. New circuit board? No need, Have a look at the Prophet 12 teardown that Markus Fulker did on Youtube. Same board as the KB that found its way into the rack. The legwork has already been done. Smaller case. Not much to it.

        1. “Not much to it.”

          How many products have you launched? This comment is so disrespectful to the people who do the hard work to bring you gear.

  2. So the keyboard version is just an extra 100 bucks and some change? 100 bucks (and some change) for a full keybed? That thing does look sexy tho.

  3. Yes! I have been very interested in the DeepMind 12 but I’ve been undecided over the form factor. I prefer a desktop version without a keyboard. Very happy about this.

  4. I will 100% order the desktop if Behringer make it. I have no more room for another keyboard synth and I basically only use them as modules anyway. Please make this desktop version.

  5. If they’re sweating the profit margin on these things this hard before release, what happens when you have hardware/firmware problems with them aftermarket?

    1. Probably not so much “sweating it” as actually doing some market research while also having a dialog with potential customers to see if a thing is both desirable and profitable… which is awesome of them. If more companies did that we would have less junk like the Timber Wolf drum thing.

      1. If that’s what you see, that’s great. In my humble experience, great products are seldom designed by crowds, and feature creep can easily ruin an otherwise good idea. And for this being a ‘passion project’, it has a lot of both 🙂

    1. I agree w/ Stains. for the extra $100, I’ll take the keybed & 2 wheels. I played a DM12 @ guitar center this weekend. It’s pretty amazing. Everything on it felt right.

  6. “it looks like Behringer have been listening to synthtopia readers”? I hope you are being tongue in cheek with this. He’s on the 311 page Deepmind thread on gearslutz and thats where the question was asked originally, and where this new post was, as you well know. You are better than this, please don’t stoop so obviously.

    1. Ooh, so disingenuous of Synthtopia to mention that 200 readers had weighed in on the subject! /sarcasm

      They didn’t say “Behringer listened to Synthtopia,” they basically said that Uli is listening to people (like Synthtopia readers) who have voiced a desire for a desktop unit.

      Can’t you just be happy that there are several sites, including Synthtopia, that enthusiastically publish synthesizer news?

      Building up is so much cooler than cutting down. Give it a try.

      (I am not affiliated with Synthtopia in any way, but I have met Elisabeth and her husband James and they are great people.)

      1. This is article is about Uli Behringer asking for input on a new synth. and Quote: “looks like Behringer has been listening to Synthtopia readers.” And saying lets talk about his request for further input here.

        Why is this any kind problem?

        Because Synthtopia deliberately omited the link to the actual place the real conversation is really happening. Thats like pitting up a “vote here” stand, and claiming “cant you just be happy with that?” . No, it intentionally diverts away from the actual real conversation. The real place he asked for input. Now ask yourself, why was that link to a competitor where the real conversation is happening omitted? By accident, or on purpose? To benefit us, or them? Does it add information, or take it away?

        Here, I’ll do it.

        Was that so hard?

  7. Yes please. One big estetic butt….
    Lost the chinese alu/silverface big knob. Make that matte black. Please look at how Much more stylish and ruggid the look Will be. This flimpsy silver plastic knob is the only thing left that makes iT look old style Behringer china. Take that as an advice from someone who knows the waldorf q keys with soft rubber knobs is still the most classy synth design ever. IT would have been even beter in antreciet / black. Ulster…lose thr flimpsy zilver knob. Ill order the rack asap

  8. I was interested in the DM12 at 1st, but have fallen away because the more I think about it & asked myself where does it fit in/what does it do that my current hardware/software cant do? The less sway it holds.

    So I’m back to thinking about the OB6 Desktop or waiting longer for a Modal 008.
    – as I get older quality & uniqueness are becoming more important.

    Once its out I may be re-energized once hands on. So was thinking a rack mount may be on the cards next year.
    Like other in countries where the price conversation isn’t flattering. $799 would almost make this a done deal.
    But honestly $849 still so so… at $899 it would have to wow me when I’m in the store.

    1. Wait, so you think software can compare to analog hardware? Why bother buying analog hardware at all? Hold on .. Hold on… You’re going to buy a $2,300 synth or a $3,500 synth.. but this one is $100 too much.. just $50 less and you’d buy it?

  9. I love it! The only issue is that the connectors need to be recessed enough that it’ll rack well with the cables in (think JP 8080 or Waldorf XT). Space is tight, but I can make room for that and the ARP rack.

  10. I’m leaning toward this desktop version over the keyboard version. On one hand, it would save some space, on the other hand, since the keyboard version isn’t that big, I think I’m a little torn.

    An audio input would clinch it for me.

    1. I’m starting to seriously consider buying a DM12 now that the desktop version has been announced.

      An audio input would also factor highly in my consideration…

  11. As soon as the early deepmind teasers were released, I wanted a desktop version. I’ve already told my Sweetwater rep to put me on the preorder list… which doesn’t yet exist. So, I guess I’m on the pre-preorder list 🙂

  12. I definatly need a month or two away from Synthtopia..

    This is getting silly. I’m going to buy a DX7 on ebay.

    Wake me up in March.

  13. There are thousands of us using hardware modules and one master keyboard. This desktop synth looks great and if it can be racked up also then wow what a winner. Good on your behringer.

  14. I’d be interested at around that price. I’d even be happy to sacrifice the end cheeks to save some dough and make it rack mountable.

    Most people have desk space but not keyboard stand space. Good direction

  15. Totally interested in this. Didn’t have room for the keyboard version and wanted another octave anyway. I agree the silver plastic knob would look better black.

  16. Loving it! I would get the desktop version sooner or later. I never buy keyboards because i control everthing through ableton via several controllers, even on stage. 2 things though: the price drop compared to the keyboard seems a little small. Aaaanaand: this would be such a cool opportunity to make the first MPE hardware synth. Since you need an external controller anyway: why not a seaboard? in that case, i’d be happy to shelve out those 899 as the desktop would have additional functionality compared to kb.

    1. i just learned that its actually too late for a first concering MPE synths. the futuresonus parva has MPE up and running. BUT as behringers synths surely would be more common that futuresonus, behringer would definitely make a big difference helping MPE to become a new standard.

  17. Looks good. Please put some assignable preset buttons on it; having different banks of 5 or so ‘favorites’ buttons would go a long way to making this an instrument to play in a band and not just use with Ableton in your basement. (I know, module as performance instrument seems weird, but that’s what I do with my desktop Prophet 6 and it works great…

  18. I would buy immediately. I think rack and desktop synths are very desirable and potentially in higher demand than synths with keys. The Waldorf Q rack, Novation Super nova 2 rack, JP8080, Yamaha EX5r, Yamaha FS1r, DSI Poly Evolver rack, and V-Synth xt were , and still are highly sought after but no products ever took their place. I’m wondering if there isn’t still a strong demand for products like this.

    The Deepmind rack also looks like a professional peice of gear. A lot of synths today look more consumer oriented than professional. I think the professional / studio aesthetic is very attractive and tend towards products in that vein.

  19. Was interested in the desktop version, but with a price of 899 as opposed to 999 for the keyboard version I would prefer the keyboard way above the desktop.

  20. 800$ definitely a buy. Don’t want any more keyboards in the house. So desktop or rack mountable it’ll be. 900 for $ 60% sure on buying it.

  21. Don’t take this personal, but it seems in this article as well as various others on other synths that many people have got more money than brains.
    When will I be able to buy Behringer shares on the stock market? The Profit from that may buy me an actual Prophit (12).

  22. These Faders again ….. they don’t make sense on a preset memory synth.
    Why don’t they use the endless rotary encoders of their X-Touch ?

  23. as I have enough keyboards in my studio, the desktop version is more interesting than the keyboard version

  24. i would be interested. much more in this than having keys. in fact i would only want the desktop version. deepmind12 seems an interesting synth but i would have to decide about space and money. less is more. yes please!

  25. Just a prediction we will soon find out There will be both be a keyboard version and a desktop.. keyboard version will be something like 1199 – $200 more than they originally advertised price … The desktop will be 899 and then a smart PR move they will just explain They couldn’t get the keyboard done for 999 … that would explain why we haven’t yet seen the keyboard for sale that is supposed to come out before the end of the year anywhere yet

  26. More interesting than the 4 octave keyboard version. Or you release a 5 octave version which I can also use as a master controller.

  27. Count me in! I will 100% buy this desktop version. I do love the design of the Keyboard version, but space has become a premium, so no more keys. Maybe one day when my studio expands I’ll end up with both the KB and the DT versions.

  28. I’m definitely interested in this! Prefer a module for sure! Please add an input for processing externally, and the ability to chain them together to get idk 48 voices. It seems only a matter of time before a 16 or 24 voice analog synth will be released. It would be prudent to take a piece of that market share.

  29. i will sell my midi keyboard and will buy keyboard version of DM12, i will use it as a midi keyboard as well.
    because its tiny that will fit in front of computer monitor and come on Uli we are waiting. i hope u buy a new factory to meet demand 🙂

  30. Absolutely, This is a great idea. Especially if Behringer adds CV plugins like Roland did when they made their modular version of the System 1. I am close to purchase with the keyboard version but a desktop version is a commit. I have a good keyboard controller right now, but i love the DeepMind sound and versatility. I also would be intrigued to try other controllers with it, like a ROLI Rise or even a Wind controller.

    I’d love it if Korg would do a desktop version the Minilogue — especially as i have no use for the slim keys.

  31. I would buy this immediately, even at the same price point as the keyboard. This product is awesome but as a keyboard I would pass sonce I already have too many keyed synthesizers and controllers

  32. I too am running out of room for keyboards and would deeply prefer a module version, however, the biggest caveat is availability. If it’s yet another year’s wait before the module begins to ship after the keyboard has been around for a while I’ll be damned if I’m going to wait yet another 6 to 12 months for the desktop.

    The price difference is trivial between the two, no great savings on the module and the size of the keyboard is so small at only 4 octaves that it really doesn’t matter as much as a hill of beans if one is 6 inches shorter than the other.

    So ultimately these are the factors which will determine my purchase.

    I’m definitely sitting here with money in hand waiting for a solid ship date on either one. Just bloody well get them out the door. Here in Canada the Minilogue is STILL on backorder. I REFUSE to put my money down on a preorder that can extend to up to a year. If you want my money NOW then start shipping NOW!

  33. Skip the DSP, screen, patch mamory and sequencer. Might be another way of keeping the cost attractive. But I guess I’m one of the few that sees memory as a flaw…

  34. YES PLEASE!!!
    i dont need a keyboard on every synth since i am sequencing from the computer and have enough midi keyboards already.

  35. Voglio assolutamente la versione rack
    Al massimo la desktop
    Controllandolo con ableton la tastiera è inutile
    Penso sia l’ idea di molti Producer…

  36. For some people there doesn’t have to be a huge price difference, because of all the space a module saves.
    Personally, I would probably be willing to pay the same amount of money, as long as it has the same front panel controls, unless the keybed is really good.

    But I’m not a bit sceptical to the product.
    I think the front panel is a bit of a let-down (I would have liked to been able to program a basic patch from the fron panel).

    I don’t think the sound is impressive. From what I’ve heard of it. there is software that sound as good, for less money (and often with an interface with better overview of what is going on).

    And I really can’t understand why they did not put Audio-in on it, so that other sounds could be processed by the effects. As it is now, there will be situations, were users, will have to pass on the internal effects, becuase they wont sit well in the mix, just because they can’t be used on other sounds in the mix.

    And that display. 20 years ago, we saw displays close to that, on workstation keyboards. Today it looks outdated.

    And the fan, could prove annoying. I assume that since it’s there, it’s supposed to be used. So likely, if it’s turned off, after a while the unit will get too warm, and would have to cool down (auto-power off).

    I hope Behringer doesn’t take too long to release their next Poly synth.
    I know there is talk of a drum machine. And has been talk of a Mono or Duo-paraphonic synth.
    But I really hope there is another Poly already cooking. One with a different take. (hopefully full manual control, even if that means half the voices, to meet the target price of under 10 000, or something over the top, for under 20 000).

    But if behringer does the module for 899, and that also translates well to the exchange rate where I live, and they make an VST/AU editor as a free download, I could perhaps see myself picking up the Deepmind 12.
    If they also added Audio in for effects, it woul probably even be a likely buy.

  37. I pre paid in hopes of funding further R & D for a Rack.
    If I fail in this endeavor I still have a child sized keyboard.
    Then I’ll pray the future Rack is also an Expander…


  38. Honestly I have too many keyboards which would mean I wouldn’t be in the market for the DeepMind regardless of how much I would LOVE to purchase one. NOW with a desktop unit I am IN and would grab one asap

  39. I just bought the keyboard version, but would have much preferred the desktop version due to space constraints like many other mention on here.

  40. I would love to see a desktop version. Not sure how it is in the rest of the world, but in the UK young people are more and more finding themselves having to live in smaller spaces (typically rented rooms in shared houses) due to increasing rent prices, so having something which doesn’t take up much space is definitely a great selling point.

  41. Please guys, do us a favour and give it a birth!
    this is a very solid and compact synth, perfect for live and studio use.
    start saving for it 😀

  42. I’d much rather have the desktop version. I don’t like the actual keyboard in the Deepmind 12. It feels way too light, like an inexpensive controller keyboard. Love the sounds.

  43. Yes please! I would be in the market for a Deepmind 12 desktop module. I have a DSI Prophet ’08 I use already as my master keyboard, and I would love to have the deepmind as a module.

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