New Modular Sample Library

Intrepita (aka Paul Stillwell) has released a modular sample library, R02, for Ableton Live, Kontakt and other sample players.

All samples for this instrument were recorded at 24 bit / 96 kHz.  Every note between C0 and C6 was sampled, giving 73 individual samples per wave form across sine, saw, square and triangle wave forms.

The Ableton version of the pack provides 5 instruments and 1 effect rack. The Komplete version provides 4 instruments and one multi, along with an instrument interface that has all controls exposed, for DAW automation.

The Generic version provides the raw samples, with Acid Loops for import into your favorite sampler. 

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

R02 is available now for US $5.

6 thoughts on “New Modular Sample Library

    1. I was able to get the Kontakt version down. I’ve tried about a dozen times to get the Generic/Acid version (raw samples) and it has failed every time.

      Now it says I’ve reached my download limit. The download is about 800 MB, but in failed attempts I’ve downloaded easily 4-5 GB of partial files. Hopefully, their customer service will help out.

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