Ruismaker Announces Troublemaker, A Virtual TB-303 For iOS

Developer Bram Bos shared this teaser for Troublemaker – a software synth for iOS that recreates the sound of the Roland TB-303 bassline synthesizer.


  • AUv3 plugin
  • Ableton Link
  • Audiobus
  • MIDI / MIDI CC / Bluetooth MIDI input
  • Standalone sequencer with MID and WAV export

Troublemaker is officially ‘coming soon’.

21 thoughts on “Ruismaker Announces Troublemaker, A Virtual TB-303 For iOS

  1. The drum and FM things they made are pretty nice sounding. This demo sounds good. I’m not very familiar with the 303 but that reso filter sounds nice and crispy.

  2. i am still waiting for the first “original 303 crusaders ” comments. Such as : “mmh i don`t think so! the filter sounds nothing like the real thing” or “not analog enough” or “the GUI is not retro enough” or “in a blindtest i could hear the difference as night and day”…… Having said that. Awesome plugin this here is. I hope it doesn`t drain my ipad 4 cpu though. Cause the FM synth thingy is unplayable if you hit more than 2-3 notes. Too much Cpu

    1. The only decent emulations of the 303 on iOS are ReBirth and TechnoBox. Rebirth UI is awful to work with and it has had minimal updates. TechnoBox hasn’t been updated in years.

      Bram’s apps are awesome and also well supported. Just check out his presence on the AudioBus forum.

      1. Finger BassLine is a pretty solid iOS 303 app. Hasn’t been updated in a year, but i’m not sure it needs to be, aside from getting AU support. Trig seems to trigger sequence on, not a note trigger, but other than that it’s pretty great. Well at least it’s universal, IAA and supports Link. Doesn’t sound like an actual Bass guitar though 😉

      2. another synth app i never heard of, then again apple’s app store is disorganized and can be hard to find what you really want or need

      3. Yeah Rebirth was such a waste, it sounded great but the interface doggedly stuck to the original manual machine design, almost completely ignoring the fact it was on a touch-screen computer. IIRC it was the same as a VST as well, people are only interested in the sound, not how it looks on the screen. A modern interface is all that’s needed, after all once you use it on a track, who is going to care what the original instrument looked like.

  3. Ipad needs a decent 303 emulation on it. Like others have mentioned Technobox hasn’t been updated for years which is surprising considering its the same people who make Audiorealism Bassline. And well Rebirth I haven’t tried but the interface looks fiddly for even my small hands lol!!

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