SampleRobot Korg Edition Makes It Easy To Make Samples For The Oasys, Kronos, Volca Sample & microSampler

SampleRobot has released a new app, SampleRobot KORG Edition, that’s designed to make it easy to create new samples for Korg instruments – including Oasys, Kronos, volca sample and microSAMPLER.

There’s also an additional Wav export option, so you can import your samples directly into whatever instrument or DAW you like.


  • Multisample export for KORG Volca Sample.
  • Multisample bank export for KORG microSAMPLER.
  • KMP/KSC/KSF multisample export for many KORG products from Trinity to Triton to Kronos.
  • WAV export (complete and loop-only)
  • Import and export of multiple AIFF files.
  • WaveRobot 5 loop and transient editor as an option.
  • Improved Mac OS X framework, compatible with OS 10.12 Sierra.
  • Adaption for Windows 10.
  • New premium multisamples on board.
  • Many performance optimizations.
  • Includes 4 cross-platform installation licenses.

The SampleRobot KORG Edition is the successor of the discontinued SampleRobot Single-X / Volca-X product line. It offers more export formats, improved compatibility and handling.

Pricing and Availability

SampleRobot KORG Edition is available now for US $85, or paired with WaveRobot for $139. A ‘crossgrade’ is available for users of SampleRobot Single-X / Volca-X.

6 thoughts on “SampleRobot Korg Edition Makes It Easy To Make Samples For The Oasys, Kronos, Volca Sample & microSampler

    1. “new premium multisamples on board”. This and operativity on 4 machines probably make the price…but for exclusive Volca use feels a bit pricey.

    2. True, that.
      But I’m sure for those people who could afford to shell out anywhere between $3k and $8k for the Kronos or Oasys, this is chump change.

  1. A free and easy way (for Windows) is to use the old synth-sample-maker called Orangator. It was great for using with trackers back then, but it still works for its purpose with something like the Volca Sample.

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