Akai Pro Teases New Gear Ahead Of 2017 NAMM Show


Ahead of the 2017 NAMM Show, Akai Pro shared this teaser video, which captures reactions to their latest gear.

They recently held artists events in London & Berlin, showcasing soon-to-be released gear. The video doesn’t reveal anything about what they’re introducing –  just the first impressions of producers, DJs and musicians from Europe and the UK.

28 thoughts on “Akai Pro Teases New Gear Ahead Of 2017 NAMM Show

  1. New MPC on the way, hopefully the don’t mess it up again like they’ve done the last 3 times. (Renaissance, Touch and 5000). The new MPC needs to be standalone and stable.

  2. It’s obviously a device that gives you the thrill of a powdery Berlin drug kick. (Required to cope with the dull thud and repetition of 4 to the floor slavery). Whilst tempering it with a limited sunshine underdose. Definitely a mixed blessing…

  3. Whatever it is, it better involve Dan from Akai (who, by the way, deserves some respect: he did what he could under less-than-ideal circumstances).

  4. Dear AKAI you are a laughing stock after the Timbre / rhythm wolf, I cant say i’m excited at all but i’m looking forward to another good laugh.

    1. I got a tomcat for dirt cheap and I actually really like it….. I also use an apc mini for cheap and though it lacks some of the function of the launchpad I like using it as an ableton controller better than the launchpad, especially since it has the automapped sliders and isn’t much bigger than the launchpad mini

  5. An Akai Timbre Wolf with touch screen capabilities and the new F.A.R.T function… and the best part, they threw in the special producer’s “wear in the studio woolen hat”. You can even wear it during the summer to show the world you have talent. Exciting!

    1. Maybe next time, Akai will feature guetta and the likes for you. Not knowing Arovane, Ian Pooley or innervisions (e.g) is more a sign for a closed minded musical taste. Not liking the teaser thing is a different story though.

  6. I wish one of these companies would team up with ableton to make a touch screen enabled, upgradable, dedicated portable HW daw with multiple ins and outs and the ability to install 32/64bit vsts. Having a stable, portable piece of hardware for your DAW outsite of a multi functional device like a laptop or tablet just seems like something that with today’s technology makes sense.

    1. About the size of an mpc1000 and built with keys and buttons that are the quality of those they use on cash machines and not more expensive than it would be buying it all separately.

  7. This is what bothers me about artist promo videos because this is just every single artist promo video ever. It doesn’t even matter what Akai is introducing, because the reaction is always the same in every video.

    “This is going to change everything.”

  8. It took a long time to sully Akai’s reputation in my mind. Bombarded by years of cheap junk and shareware level software, followed by drum machines that don’t hold a candle even to a Volca, I am not holding my breath for any new products. A new standalone MPC would grab my attention but not much else they could do.

  9. The Akai analog drum machines are better than the volca. I’ve owned all 3. The kick is great on the volca, and so are the toms, but that’s it, the rest of the sounds are very weak. The noise floor is much higher on the volca as well. Some of the rhythm wolf controls don’t really do much, but overall the sounds are much thicker on the wolf and the cat. Propper amping and compression yield useable tones. The same can’t be said about the volca. It’s a fun piece of gear, but the Akai boxes win hands down when it comes to tones.

  10. Also, a prime reason for all the reissues of the same machines is they were great machines. The other pieces of gear that have faded into obscurity have done so for a reason. It’s not like there aren’t plenty of original synths and drum machines available.

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