Percussa Intros Synthor System 8 Wireless Digital Modular Synthesizer

Percussa has announced that it is launching its Synthor System 8, a new hardware digital modular synthesis system, at the 2017 NAMM Show, being held January 19-22 in Los Angeles, California.

Synthor System 8 is a turnkey modular synthesis system, designed to let you create patches and change synth parameters wirelessly.

The System consists of:

  • a new digital hardware synthesis module (Percussa ENGINE)
  • a new control surface and wireless base station (Percussa REMOTE)
  • and 8 Wireless modular controllers (latest generation Percussa AUDIOCUBES).

Aluminium rack ears are included to mount ENGINE above the remote control surface.

Percussa ENGINE integrates seamlessly with Percussa REMOTE, the main control surface for the ENGINE and wireless base station for the Percussa AUDIOCUBES.

ENGINE comes with a quad core cortex A17 @ 1.8GHz Processor, running Linux Kernel v4, features 64-bit parallel DSP processing and a 1600×480 pixel wide format full-color LVDS Display. ENGINE also features MIDI In, Thru and Out Ports, SD Card Slot, USB Host Ports (HID Support) and a USB Device Port (Stereo Digital Out, USB Audio Class).

ENGINE outputs sound via a 6-Channel AKM AK4456 DAC supporting up to 192 kHz / 32 bit (S/N: 115 dB) and offers sampling capabilities via its 2-Channel AKM AK5552 ADC supporting up to 192 kHz / 32 bit (S/N: 115 dB).

ENGINE, REMOTE and AUDIOCUBES are made from high end CNC milled wear-resistant industrial plastics and aluminum, and feature high-quality industrial temp switches, metal encoders and aluminum knobs.

Synthor System 8 can be upgraded with additional Percussa AUDIOCUBES later on, supporting up to 16 wireless devices in total in one wireless network. The wireless technology used in Percussa’s products was developed specifically for musicians and Percussa says that it has proven its reliability and performance in many professional musician’s setups.

Percussa’s Synthor System 8, ENGINE, REMOTE and wireless AUDIOCUBES will be on display at NAMM at the Percussa Booth #4823, Hall C.

19 thoughts on “Percussa Intros Synthor System 8 Wireless Digital Modular Synthesizer

  1. would this be an “oxymrorn”? digital and modular are 2 words not know to be put togther, but then again maybe its time they did to open some interesting designs

    1. As Doug said, there are plenty of fantastic digital modules available. But this idea isn’t new … take a look at the Nord modulars.

  2. it’s interesting how this niche market is becoming pretty cluttered, boutique synth and modular. i think we’re getting to a place where new products have to be extremely unique to stand out, specially when the iconic companies are doing really intense things that are hard to top. this look nice though, look forward to seeing / hearing more about it.

  3. The cable jack placement on that machine is atrocious. It would be this giant fountain of cables sticking nearly straight up, and then a long arc back down. Not only does it put them all in the visual field, it will block having anything above or in front of this unit, and easily add 3-4 feet to your cable needs. Yuck.

  4. I am not keen on giving my details to sites to get a price, does anyone else have an idea of the prices of the existing products? It will make my mind up about looking further into this

  5. So basically a computer with a bespoke control surface. I too think the ergonomics are questionable, but it’s pretty and has potential.

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