Chip Festival 2017 To Feature A Tribute To Edgar Froese

Chip Festival 2017, scheduled for 28th-29th January in Budapest, Hungary, is bringing classic and modern electronica together on the legendary floating club ship A38.

The Festival will feature Tangerine Dream; Hungarian Berlin-school group Pergamon; Ulrich Schnauss, performing solo work from his new album; progressive electronic group Tangram; DJ/producer Simon Iddol and more.

Here’s what to expect at the event:

  • Chip Festival 2017 is an event organized around the Electronica genre, and will focus on its origin, Berlin. This musical direction was originally introduced to the Budapest audience in 1982 – when the classic Chip Festival’ headliners were Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze.
  • The organizer, Gabor Gerenyi, is a media and music expert, producer of a few hundred local albums, and a cofounder of the biggest local news portal,
  • The venue, A38, is a reincarnation of a Ukranian stone-carrier ship. With its inauguration on 30 April 2003, it started a new life on the Danube in Budapest as a cultural venue. Since its opening it has become one of Budapest’s most important venues, and has become one of Europe’s coolest clubs.
  • The organizer’s vision for the Festival is just let this kind of music be heard. “As we see, after two years of death of its creator, this musical genre is stronger than ever, reaching many-many millions of people every day by soundtracks, TV series, parties and so on. We experience even how young people can be enthusiastic about this – while it is strongly underrepresented in today’s media.”

On Saturday, Tangerine Dream (Thorsten Quaeschning, Hoshiko Yamane and Ulrich Schnauss) will play a concert in honor of their founder, Edgar Froese.

The concert will feature performances of classic Tangerine Dream tracks, pieces originally composed and programmed by Froese, and tracks from their upcoming Quantum Gate album.

On Sunday, the festival concerts will start with Pergamoon, a Hungarian group that performs live takes on Tangerine Dream classics and also creates Berlin-school style original compositions. They were previously known as Force Majeure.

The evening will also feature Tangram, a project of progressive electronic music composer Peter Fabok, who takes inspiration from 80’s ambient and electronic music. He has released near 30 albums under the stage name ‘Tangram’, which refers to Tangerine Dream’s ’80 album of the same name. His music moves between ambient through melodic electronica.  Micropolis, Layers and Waning Gibbous are Tangram’s most popular albums. He will perform music from his new album, Vector Henge.

Sunday’s headliner is Ulrich Schnauss.

In addition to being a member of Tangerine Dream, Schnauss has a well-established career as a solo artist. Schnauss will perform original work, including tracks from his latest album, No Further Ahead Than Today.

The closing act of the festival is DJ/producer Simon Iddol. In addition to his work as a performer, Iddol also has created multiple music-related web sites, including AudioPorn Central, Mashuptown & MOARRR.

Tickets for the first day of Chip Festival 2017 are available for 6900 HUF (24 EUR). Sunday’s entry is free.

6 thoughts on “Chip Festival 2017 To Feature A Tribute To Edgar Froese

  1. That band that’s currently calling themselves Tangerine Dream isn’t Tangerine Dream to me. I’d respect them much more if they chose another name. If this trend continues , might as well get Jason Bonham along with some other musicians who had a weak association with the surviving members of Led Zeppelin and start touring as Led Zeppelin.

    1. I beg to differ. I felt TD was in a musical wasteland for most of the 90s and 00s. At one point I walked out of a concert early as I was bored. However, the introduction of Ulrich, himself a child of TD, has reinvigorated my interest immensly. I think the spirit of TD is alive and well and have no problem with the lineup.

  2. I agree that 90’s and 00’s TD was not very good and bordering on new age pop music, but I’m a fan of their 70’s and early 80’s music. The music from the current lineup is pretty good, but I still don’t agree with them using the name.

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