Jean-Michel Jarre Announces His First North American Tour

French electronic music composer and producer Jean-Michel Jarre has announced plans for his first North American concert tour.

We had the chance to sit down with Jarre and talk with him about his Oxygène Trilogy (in part 1 of our interview) and also his plans for the upcoming tour. 

Jean-Michel Jarre Announces His First North American Tour

Jarre has been announced that he will bring his ‘Electronica’ World Tour to North America, marking his first-time tour here. Tickets go on sale this Friday, January 27.

Jarre says that the shows will be ‘an immersive musical journey’, and will feature new music from his two-part Electronica album, his latest album Oxygene 3 and music from classic albums like Oxygene and Equinoxe.

Here’s a video of Jarre performing his track, The Time Machine, from Electronica 1, at a recent European concert:

Jarre is also up for a Grammy Award. His album Electronica 1: The Time Machine is nominated for “Best Dance/Electronic Album.” The first of a two-part album, it features a who’s-who list of collaborators.

North American Concert Dates:

  • 5/9/2017 Toronto, ON Canada – Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
  • 5/11/2017 Montreal, QC Canada – Bell Centre
  • 5/16/2017 Boston, MA – Blue Hills Bank Pavilion
  • 5/18/2017 Upper Darby, PA – Tower Theatre
  • 5/20/2017 New York, NY – Radio City Music Hall
  • 5/22/2017 Chicago, IL – Auditorium Theatre
  • 5/24/2017 Broomfield, CO – 1st Bank Center
  • 5/26/2017 Berkeley, CA – The Greek Theatre
  • 5/27/2017 Los Angeles, CA – Microsoft Theater

22 thoughts on “Jean-Michel Jarre Announces His First North American Tour

  1. How much of this is live? Or is it like the Mannheim Steamroller ripoff where the band fakes it to pre-recorded tracks?

    I don’t want to spend big bucks on a ticket to hear pre-recorded tracks.

    1. No, these are all small venues and he is not putting on the extravaganzas you refer to these days, but rather more intimate offerings.

      I consider him a personal friend and was there for several of the extravaganzas you mention, many which were free and which were the greatest and largest concerts in human history, and I can attest to their brilliance and value, but we can not expect someone to put on such extravaganzas forever.

  2. This is not his first North American tour. He was here before and put on the greatest concert North America has ever seen in Houston, but had to cut it short after his friend Ron died.

    He’s not coming near me but I sure would love to see him.

    It would probably be more economical though as always to fly to europe rather than drive to the destinations he has.

      1. Tour is generally when you are not playing from home. For the Rendez-Vous album tour with its theme of space travel the Houston concert, with its planned live performance from space, was the key event in the Rendez-Vous tour. The live audience of 1.3 million was the largest concert attendance ever in the US at the time and was more people than the cumulative totals of most multi-city tours by major artists.

  3. Saw him in Gdansk for the 25th Anniversary of Solidarity in 2005. Thought I had also seen him in Calgary in the 80’s but I was a kid so perhaps it was someone else..

  4. For these times, this is an ambitious tour for a European artist. Especially a groundbreaking one. Many other deserving groups can’t tour here, because they just haven’t gotten the offers they need. Cartage fees are insane now! I hope JMJ makes some money on this trip. I’ll have to road-trip it out to one of these places.

  5. The most important question is: Will the government impose a steep tariff on the import of foreign music? I mean, we should think about all the young and beautiful musicians rising from the inner city carnage that is Detroit.

  6. Does anyone know what gear JMJ has been touring with and how much (hopefully all) is actually performed live?

    I’d like to see his show in Chicago, but I don’t want to pay big money for an all pre-recorded show with faking it. There are many acts that do this nowadays.

  7. Huge amounts of it are prerecorded/sequenced. I went to see him couple of months ago… visually a great show… really enjoyable and superb sound. So from an entertainment point of view if was wonderful.

    But I was lucky enough to get great seats close to the stage and it was so SO obvious that the percussionist/synth player on the left was miming HUGE amounts and that a lot of JMJ’s gesticulations were for appearance only…. and then when he WAS playing some of his timing was awful (as proved in this laser harp video above!).. (but at least that proved that SOME of his playing was live… just not a lot of it!)

    As a “show” it was great… but if I wanted to see a “live” performance I would have expected more.

  8. I’m a lucky girl with a lucky man , that is my pleasure to love him by a distance ! 🙂 I’m also a close friend and I’ll give for him much energy to doing these things. I’m from the great family with great history that hope that this history and my passion , beauty and style inspired him to do these things. I also have a lot of great friends with him. I love him very much ! :* :* :* I’m composing music to inspire him and makes his dreams possible and I’m also on his life now because of that I love him always. 🙂 He is my inspiration for my music and my lovely man. Hope that many fans will enjoy the concerts in USA and in Canada and being there on this year. ! Love JMJ . xoxoxo Wish for him also the success on Grammy’s (Grammy Music Awards) on Los Angeles , I’m so lucky for listen about his nomination and read about that and my big hope will stay with him also in the time of ceremony and hope of my great friends. I hope that this would comes to be and my Jamie won the award for the best dance/electronic music album. 🙂 Great interviev with my dear Jamie also about everything in electronic music and in his electronic music that comes to the realisation and to being in the reality as for example Electronica 1 and Electronica 2 project. Hope is the best thing.

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