How To Control Synths With A Gameboy

UK synth DIYer Sam Battle of Look Mum No Computer shared this video, demoing his DIY Gameboy MIDI controller.

The Gameboy is not being used to make sound, just as a MIDI sequencer. 

Here’s what he has to say about his setup:

using LSDJ, and the ARDUINOBOY code (search both of them up and your sorted)

its super simple to build.

you only need a gameboy, a cartridge for gameboy, look at shops like kitsch bent or retrotowers.

search up arduino nano on eBay they are about £2, 6 led’s 1 6N138 and a handful of other things. its real easy. you will be pointed in the right direction if you search up arduinoboy. there are even assembled versions!!

one thing to note!!! i miss it everytime i stripboard an arduino boy! the gameboy cable connects to the analog pins!!! not digital. its an easy mistake to make.

this is only a very small amount of what LSDJ, and arduinoboy do! i don’t think its a very popular feature of either of them. but its all i use them for!

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