Baloran ‘The River’ Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

Here’s a sneak preview of a new analog polyphonic synth design, called “The River‘, under development by Baloran.

Official details are to be announced, but shared these features for the new synth:

  • 8 voice polyphony,
  • 2 VCOs/voice, based on the Moog Source, but more advanced
  • Ladder VCF
  • VCO mod via ENV, PWM, F
  • Discrete LFOs & ENVs (2x) + global digital LFO
  • 8 x multi-timbral
  • Arpeggiator & Sequencer/Voic
  • 5 Oct Fatar TP/8S Keyboard
  • Analog TriChorus
  • Modulation matrix

Here’s a short video demo of a prototype:

Here’s another demo (in French):

The River Synthesizer Audio Demos:

Details for The River synthesizer are still to be announced.

33 thoughts on “Baloran ‘The River’ Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

  1. looks awesome except for the case… seems like a lot of wasted space or unnecessary size.. ideally that front panel should be a flip-top like a minimoog

  2. not digging the two dinky ipod screens. how are you suppose to gleen anything from them due to size of screen and where they reside on the front panel so close to the keys down low. at least up high towards the top may yield better visibility but still too small of screens to be very useful without having the squint and focus hard

  3. love it! but the design is pretty ugly. make it look more like the beautiful source please!!! wood, metal, colored knobs …and a big wheel 🙂

  4. come on you can’t call it river and make it red that’s just wrong.
    and it’s way to big for what’s in there.
    just joking it’s f***ing awesome hehe

  5. Tested last WE, you can check the video here:
    recorded live through the headphone socket with my zoom H1, so sound is not so great, sorry about that, this was a real improvisation at the very end of the French SynthFest. Real sound was far beyond what you hear. This synth has 8 real independent VCO (moog source based), each with its own analog LFO, step and event sequencer. All 8 voices can be the same, or play individual sound. Keyboard touch is great (Fatar TP8), and many tricks about modulation make this synth very, very expressive (velocity attack and release, independant LFOs…). The most impressive is that it includes the Triko, which is possibly one of the best stereo analog chorus: the sound is very, very large and impressive. There are still a few bugs/improvements to be fixed, but hardware is finalized. Pre Order are planned within 2 month for a first batch of 20 pieces, and about 6 month from the order to the delivery. Price, VAT included, is expected to be about 5000 euros. More info soon on

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